How to Handle Last Mile Delivery Challenges This Valentine’s Day

Jan 25, 2024 • read
Valentine’s Day Delivery

Just as soon as eCommerce businesses across Canada have recovered from the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season, they find themselves confronted with another key event on the global shopping calendar–Valentine’s Day. 

As shoppers across the country scramble to purchase the perfect gift for their loved one, retailers are once again preparing to navigate last mile delivery issues and looking for effective solutions to Valentine’s Day delivery challenges.

Because every successful business understands the importance of meeting shopper expectations, especially around gift-giving days, it’s essential to refine your shipping strategy and take measures now to ensure last mile delivery success.

Here’s your definitive guide to showing love to your customers by overcoming potential delivery issues this Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day Shipping Tips

Valentine’s Day Shipping Tips
  1. Work with a 3PL provider to improve efficiency

Businesses that want to efficiently prepare for the influx of Valentine’s Day orders are advised to partner with a third-party logistics partner that specializes in last-mile delivery.

By collaborating with a 3PL, you get all the benefits of:

  • Enhanced delivery efficiency: Access to the drivers, vehicles, and technology you need to ensure that deliveries are dispatched swiftly and along the most efficient routes, taking into account real-time weather and traffic.
  • Streamlined fulfillment and expedited shipping: API integrations that allow customers to request expedited delivery when placing their orders.
  • Optimized warehouse operations: Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) that help manage inventory receiving, order picking and shipping, and inventory replenishment.
  1. Reduce last-mile delivery costs

Last mile delivery costs can be high, but partnering with a reliable logistics provider can help offset the expense. 

That’s because 3PLs leverage technology to streamline delivery and increase operational efficiency through real-time tracking, route optimization, and delivery scheduling. This, combined with their network of independent contractors and the reduced carrier rates they receive due to their high shipping volumes, allows businesses to cut last mile costs without compromising customer satisfaction.  

  1. Be prepared for last-minute orders

Giving your customers only one option for their deliveries can deter them from making a purchase if they need their product in a hurry, so choose a shipping partner that offers competitive rates with multiple service options. 

eShipper’s last mile logistics allow you to offer several ground and express shipping options, so you can give your customers control over delivery cost and speed. By giving your customer a variety of options at checkout, you allow them to make their own choice depending on how quickly they want their order to arrive.

  1. Manage customer expectations

Receiving packages quickly and on time is always a priority for the modern customer, but this is especially true on Valentine’s Day due to the emotions tied to this occasion. Because you don’t want your customers to be left empty handed or having to purchase a backup gift at the last minute, it’s essential to clearly communicate processing and shipping cut-off times on your website. 

To further avoid customer dissatisfaction and build good relationships that convert casual shoppers into loyal customers, ensure that you provide order updates after purchases have been made; in doing so, you’ll build trust and demonstrate the high regard your business holds for transparency and communication with customers.

  1. Choose temperature-controlled transportation

Valentine’s Day accounts for 30% of all holiday flower purchases in the US, with 250 million roses grown just for this occasion! While Valentine’s Day gifts can take many forms, some of the most popular gift categories include perishable items such as flowers and chocolates.

If you are shipping temperature-sensitive goods, you want to circumvent last mile delivery issues and make sure your items reach their recipients in perfect condition. This involves mastering insulation and packaging for these products, choosing the right shipping partner, and adjusting your shipping strategies to accommodate the specific shipping requirements for your goods.

eShipper Solutions for Valentine's Deliveries

eShipper’s last mile logistics solutions include a variety of services designed to meet your unique needs. 

  • Courier: eShipper’s platform takes the hassle out of shipping by allowing you to compare discounted shipping rates and transit times from all major carriers in one click. 
  • Mail: Whether you’re shipping across Canada, the US, or the world, eShipper’s trackable mail service lets you save on your small domestic and international shipments.
  • Air zone skipping: Enjoy faster transit times and reduced shipping costs with reliable, robust air zone skipping services.
  • Canada to US shipping: Cut shipping costs and simplify border clearance to meet the needs of your US-based customers and grow your business across the border.
  • International shipping: Go borderless without worrying about navigating customs or managing cross-border and international logistics, returns, and tracking. 
  • Next-day delivery: Give your customers full visibility of your product’s journey and reap the benefits of giving them a focused end-user experience.
  • Air shipping: Get access to Canada’s most expansive carrier network and reduce transit times by an average of 60% without paying extra for air services.
  • Temperature-controlled shipping: Ship all of your temperature-sensitive goods safely and efficiently with the appropriate packaging, insulation, and shipping services for your perishable products.


With Valentine’s Day spending expected to reach $26 billion in the US this February, retailers stand to profit significantly from the most romantic day of the year. 

By choosing the right shipping partner, offering expedited shipping options for last-minute orders, and being proactive with managing delivery expectations, your business will be well equipped to overcome Valentine’s Day delivery challenges and ensure customer happiness.

The pressure is on, but with support from eShipper and by following these Valentine’s Day shipping tips, your business can thrive through February 14 and beyond.

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