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Is there a cost to register or use eShipper?

No, registration is absolutely free!

1. Once you have logged in to your eShipper account, you’ll see your shipping dashboard. Click on the “Ship” tab on the left toolbar.

2. To get a quote, hover over the “Ship” tab and click “Quote”.

3. Enter your “SHIP TO” and “SHIP FROM” postal codes without any spaces, then hit “Enter” on your keyboard to auto-populate the Country, State or Province, and City.

4. Next, enter your shipment weight and dimensions, then click “submit”.

5. Here, you’ll see our list of competitive rates from trusted carriers. You’ll be able to see the carrier, service, estimated transit time, a breakdown of charges, and the total price.

6. Select the rate you prefer then click “Create Order” when you’re ready to make your shipment.

7. Now you can fill out the rest of your shipping details. If you’ve saved the address to your address book, start typing out the company or customer name, and the rest of the information will auto fill.

8. For your own in-house accounting purposes, we’ve included a “reference code” field so you can keep track of your shipping activity by department. Skip this step if you don’t have one.

9. Select any additional services you require such as a signature or residential delivery, then click “Get Rates”.

10. When you get to the rates screen, you’ll notice that fees for the additional services you selected will be added to the shipping charges.

11. Once you’ve selected a rate, click “Submit Order”.

12. You’ll find your shipping label on the next page. You can print this now or email it.

13. Once you stick the label to your package, you’re ready to ship it out.

1. If you haven’t made a shipment already, go ahead and do so.

2. Once you booked a shipment, hover over the “Track” tab and click “Edit/Cancel”.

3. When you are viewing your shipments, look for the column that says “Pick up Scheduled?”, you will see either a Yes with a confirmation number or you will see “No Schedule Pickup” if the “Schedule Pickup” is clickable or underlined that means that the option for scheduling a pickup is available for that shipment.

4. Click on Schedule Pickup, you will be redirected to “CREATE PICKUP” page, where you will fill in your pick up location and schedule a date and time for pick up, please allow at least a 2-hour time range for your pick up.

5. After filling in all the information, click on “Request Pickup”.

6. You will be then redirected back to your orders page and you will notice it will change to Yes and gives you a confirmation number. Please note you will only need to schedule only one pickup per each carrier for any shipments that you will send out the same day.

For further assistance check out our Help Center.

With eShipper you can book domestic and global courier (small parcel) shipping. You can also ship skids/pallets anywhere in North America, excluding Mexico (up to 6 skids or 12 stackable).

For pricing on full truckload (FTL), international air skids, warehousing or any other logistics activity not on eShipper, please contact your account representative or email

For further assistance check out our Help Center.

No, one of the benefits of using eShipper is that you get to use our preferred rates whether you ship one or a hundred!

For further assistance check out our Help Center.

You can begin shipping immediately.

For further assistance check out our Help Center.

Absolutely, your shipments are traceable every step of the way through your online control panel.

For further assistance check out our website.

Yes, you can receive instant quotes for any type of shipment whether it's a courier, air freight, trucking or expedited service.

For further assistance check out our Help Center.

Yes, we can warehouse your stock, pick and pack your products and fulfill your orders directly from our facility. This can be integrated with your online website or existing call center order-taking infrastructure. Through your online control panel you have access to all of your shipping, tracking and inventory in real-time.

For further assistance check out our Help Center.

How do I edit or cancel my shipment?

1. Hover over the “Track” tab and click “Edit/Cancel.

2. When you are redirected to your shipments page, you will see a table with different details on your current and past shipments, click on the pencil and paper icon it to edit your desired shipment.

3. After clicking the icon, you will be redirected to a page similar to the initial shipping page where you can edit or make any changes to your shipment.

4. When you finish editing, click on “Get Rates”. Please note that any changes may affect the rates of the shipment.

5. You will be then transferred to the rates page again, if you need to change anything again before confirming, you can click on “Edit Shipment”.

6. After clicking on the desired rate and courier company click on “Submit Order”.

7. However, if you need to cancel a shipment, you will go back to the “Track” tab.

8. Then you simply click on the red icon (red x icon next to the edit icon) on the desired shipment.

9. You will then get a notification to confirm that you would like to cancel the desired shipment, press Ok and your shipment is will be canceled instantly.

For further assistance check out our Help Center.

1. When you are making or editing a new shipment, click on the address book icon the right side of your text bar for the company name.

2. You will be redirected to a new page where you are able to select or search a company’s information from your address book.

3. To search for a specific company, fill in at least one of the required information fields.

4. After getting your search results, click on Select (In first column on the right of the contact) on the desired contact, then the information will be loaded into the table you initially chose.

1. Once you are logged in, Click on the “My Account”.

2. Then you will be redirected to your account’s page, when you scroll down in your “CUSTOMER DETAILS” you will find the “Credit and Billing” on the last section.

3. Fill or replace the credit card information, please note that we currently only accept Visa and MasterCard.

4. Don’t forget to click on “Save” to update the information. For further assistance check out our Help Center.

Please contact eShipper customer service and if necessary, we will contact the carrier to find out why. We will also be able to reschedule the pick-up for you.

For further assistance check out our Help Center.

Does eShipper integrate with shopping carts?

Yes absolutely, we currently integrate with all major shopping carts. You can find further information in our 'Platform Features' section. For further assistance check out our Help Center.

We accept credit card payments, cheques, and direct debit. For further assistance check out our Help Center.

eShipper invoices are issued once a week, on Monday. You have 30 days to pay each invoice. For further assistance check out our Help Center.

No eShipper does not offer customs clearance. All small packages sent by normal courier is cleared by the carrier. For larger shipment e.g. LTL you will have to arrange for a customs broker. We can always recommend a few! For further assistance check out our Help Center.

Please email your eShipper account representative. If you need an account representative, email and we'd be happy to assist you. If you have an account representative with an existing carrier, please let your eShipper account representative know or email For further assistance check out our Help Center.

When you book high-value shipments on eShipper, you can choose to insure your items in case of loss or damage during transit. Please keep in mind, for all courier shipments you are eligible to be covered for up to $100 without insurance.

You have two options for insurance:

Carrier insurance: Provided directly from your carrier (UPS, FedEx, etc). The cost differs from carrier to carrier for each $100 after the first $100, which is eligible for automatic coverage.

eShipper insurance: Covered by our in-house insurer. There is an automatic premium charge of $2 or $3 for values ranging from $101 to $199. For values of $200 and up, it is calculated at either $1.00 or $1.25 for every additional $100.

For further assistance check out our Help Center.

Yes, you can, by simply logging into your account and creating a new user under 'User Management'. For further assistance check out our Help Center.

This could likely be because you're entering a PO box on the billing page. If you've done this already, please navigate to and re-hit the "Free Sign Up" button. This time, be sure to enter a physical address with a postal or zip code. For further assistance check out our Help Center.

Difference in price can be due to a number of issues e.g. Special Handling charges and Address Correction fees. This is specific to the carrier. If you have any invoice related issues please email our accounts department at For further assistance check out our Help Center.

SmartePost is an eShipper exclusive trackable mail service for customers that ship high volume, low value items domestically, to US and Internationally. It is a hybrid service including DHL eCommerce (US/International) and eShipper postal service (Domestic) For further assistance check out our Help Center.

SmartePost can be activated on a qualification basis. Please speak to one of our representatives who will quickly go through the qualification criteria and activate SmartePost on your account For further assistance check out our Help Center.

1. Hover over the "Ship" tab and select "SmartePost".

2. Fill in the "Batch Name" field with today's date.

3. Make sure the "SHIP FROM" and "SHIP TO" sections are filled in correctly.

4. Fill in the " DIMENSIONS & WEIGHT" section. Click "Add another" to add another item to the package.

5. Click "Get Rates".

6. Select your preferred rates. Different tracking options may be available. Click here for more information on different tracking options in the SmartePost program.

7. Click "Add" and in the confirmation window select "Yes".

8. Repeat steps 3 through 7 to add another shipment to the batch.

9. When you've completed your batch, select "Proceed to Checkout"and in the confirmation window select "Yes".

10. Confirm your address and shipment. Select whether you will drop off your batch at the CWS location in Brampton, Ontario in person, or whether you will have it shipped.

11. If you select "I would like to ship this batch to the above CWS location," you will be redirected to the shipping page to create an courier shipment to ship the batch to the Brampton location.

12. Book a courier shipment and print off the shipping label to ship your batch to Brampton.

13. Hover over "Track" and select "SmartePost Edit/Cancel".

14. Find your shipments and select "Print Label." Print off all labels and attach them to the appropriate shipments to send them from Brampton to their final destination

For further assistance check out our Help Center.

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