With 84% of shoppers listing shipping as the most important part of their eCommerce experience, a seamless shipping and delivery strategy is top of mind for online retailers in 2022.

Don’t have one yet? We have you covered. This guide provides you with the exact tools and shipping strategies you need to attract new customers, reduce cart abandonment and gain repeat shoppers.

The eCommerce Shipping Strategy covers how to:

  • Prevent going out of stock
  • Find alternative ways to get around carrier delays
  • Compete with Prime shipping without Amazon
  • Set up customer expectations to put out fires before they start
  • Get better rates and services without high volumes
  • Automate every part of the shipping journey
  • Tackle last mile delivery fees
  • Create a memorable unboxing experience
  • Plan to retain customers amid delivery delays
  • Create a simple returns strategy

Plus get bonus inventory management tips, learn how to manage your cash flow, and expand your reach in the market.