Try Out These Smooth Moves to Gain Customer Retention and Loyalty

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Noor AI Abid Aug 10, 2017 • 4 min read

It’s time to pull out all the stops. Customer retention is as critical to an organization’s success as customer acquisition. Loyal return customers and their referrals can make up a large bulk of your revenue, so it only makes good business sense to dedicate a portion of your strategy to this type of consumer.

Still, simply providing a high quality product or service is not always enough to keep customers loyal. Luckily, there are a variety of ways you can keep current clients engaged and coming back for more. Try out these few approaches and watch your consumer loyalty grow!

Personalize Your Customer’s Experience

If a customer comes to you with an issue or question, running off to solve the problem while leaving them alone or on hold isn’t ideal. Even though you may take care of the issue with perfect precision and in a timely manner, this isn’t necessarily enough to make your organization stand out in terms of customer service. Instead, try making things personal. Ask the customer questions about the issue, its context, and their experience with your product or service.

Find out their name, use it when speaking to them, and remember it for future interactions.

A dedicated, empathetic, and personalized customer service experience is much more memorable than an anonymous one, even if you are efficient either way. In addition, taking the time to listen to a customer intently will do wonders for their perception of your business.

Keep in Touch and Follow Up

Of course, you don’t want to annoy former customers by bombarding them with notifications and follow-up messages. But checking in after a problem was resolved or a transaction was made is a great thing to do. You can thank them for doing business with you, make suggestions for future considerations, and receive feedback on their satisfaction.

As well, there is no harm in asking what you did right and what could be improved. Receiving feedback straight from the source is a highly effective way to make improvements. Survey or ask customers what you can do to earn their loyalty and incorporate their responses into your strategy if feasible.

Honesty is Key

When attempting to gain a new client or make a sale, you might feel the pressure to convince a given prospective client that your product or service is perfect for them, even if it might not be true. Instead of focusing on closing the deal or getting that signature, be upfront and honest. Consider the person’s situation and their context. If it sounds like your service might not be the right fit – or not at this time – let them know. You can even let them know what other options are out there for them. Continue by letting them know what you can do for them or how you could help them in the future or with another request.

The honesty will be appreciated and you’ll subtly communicate your work ethic and validate your trustworthiness as a source of information. Plus, this is a surefire way to avoid any resentment from customers past, present, or future.

Here at eShipper, we love to watch the businesses of our customers grow and believe growth goes hand in hand with customer appreciation. For an in depth look on creating an exceptional customer experience or new ways to brand your e-commerce store, download our guide below or contact us today.

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