Trending Products for eCommerce Shipping in 2022: A Guide for New Online Businesses

Abdul Syed
Abdul Syed Apr 25, 2022 • 6 min read
eCommerce Shipping

The pandemic resulted in a seismic shift to online shopping in 2020–and while brick-and-mortar store sales have rebounded in the last year, eCommerce shipping is certainly here to stay. If you’re thinking of opening a new online store, you’re probably focused on finding the right product. As a business owner, you need to stay ahead with an in-depth knowledge of the latest trends; how else can you keep your products and services fresh and relevant?

So what items should you sell? What are the ongoing market trends? What products are in demand? 

These are questions you need to answer before diving headfirst into the world of eCommerce–and we’re giving you a headstart! We've compiled a list of popular products to give you some insight into what online shoppers are looking for in 2022.

1. Health and Wellness Products

Product Global Google Search Volume  Top Countries Target Audience

Yoga Mat


India, USA, UK, Australia & Canada

Health & fitness enthusiasts, travelers

Fitness Tracker


Germany, USA, UK

Young adults and working professionals age 25-40 

Health Supplements


India, USA, UK, Australia & Canada

Health conscious consumers age 35-54

Resistance Bands


USA, UK, Australia, Canada & Philippines

Fitness enthusiasts age 25-34 



USA, UK, India, Canada & Australia

People of all ages

Cold Pressed Oil


India, USA, UK, Australia & Canada

Health conscious consumers

2. Fashion Products

Products Global Google Search Volume Top Countries Target Audience
Headscarf 46K UK, USA, Australia, India & Germany Women age 16-34
Swimsuit 349K USA, UK, India, Canada & Australia Swimmers, travelers
Apparel 208K USA, UK, India, Philippines & Indonesia People of all ages
Plus Size Clothing 292K USA, UK, Australia, Canada & India Expecting mothers, women who wear size 20+ 

3. Gadgets

Product Global Google Search Volume Top Countries Target Audience
Phone Tripod 51K USA, UK, Australia, Canada & India Vloggers, photographers, travelers, videographers
Wireless Earbuds 340K USA, UK, Canada, Australia & India Musicians, gamers, young adults, athletes
Portable Projectors 42K USA, UK, India & Canada Travelers, offices
Bluetooth Speakers 768K India, UK, USA, Australia & Netherlands Young adults, party lovers and travelers
Microphone 548K USA, UK, Indonesia, Philippines Musicians, YouTubers, podcast hosts, DJs
Video Games 800K India, USA, Canada, UK & Philippines Consumers age 12-34
Electric Kettle 197K India, UK, Canada & Philippines College students, hotels, & hospitals

4. Home Decor Products

Product Global Google Search Volume Top Countries Target Audience
Furniture 1.3M USA, UK, Australia, India & Canada Young adults, working professionals, families
String Lights 102K USA, UK, India, Australia & Canada College students, young adults, outdoor restaurants, event & party planners
Wall Decals 43K USA, Australia, Canada, UK & India Young adults, college students, interior designers
Candles 545K USA, UK, Australia & Canada Women with families, age 21-54
Reusable Bags 16K USA, UK, Australia, Indonesia & Canada Grocery stores, farmers’ markets, trade shows
Rugs 544K USA, UK, Australia, Canada & India Office spaces, hotels, resorts & spas, mansions
Planters 150K USA, UK, Canada, India & Philippines Gardening enthusiasts, landscaping companies, office spaces

5. Beauty Products and Accessories

Product Global Google Search Volume Top Countries Target Audience
Sheet Mask 44K Indonesia, India, USA, UK & Sweden Women age 14-35
Facial Razor 14K USA, UK, India, Australia & Canada Teenagers & young adults
Beard Oil 165K India, USA, UK, Canada & Australia Men over 18 
Essential Oil 299K USA, UK, India, Canada & Australia Resorts and spas, massage parlors, Ayurvedic treatment centers
Face Serum 79K India, USA, UK, Australia & Philippines Men and Women over 18
Organic Skincare 4.6K USA, UK, Australia, India & Malaysia Young adults, men and women over 18
Epilator 211K USA, India, UK, Canada & Australia Men and women

6. Kitchen Appliances

Product Global Google Search Volume Top Countries Target Audience
Air Fryer 3.9M Brazil, USA, UK, Canada & Australia Homemakers
Portable Blender 45K USA, UK, India & South Africa Fitness enthusiasts
Induction Stove 151K USA, Australia, Philippines, Canada & India Adults of all ages

7. Games, Toys and Lifestyle Products

Product Global Google Search Volume Top Countries Target Audience
Bicycle 946K India, USA, UK & Canada People of all ages, fitness enthusiasts, environmentalists
Jigsaw Puzzles 511K USA, UK, Canada & Germany Kids age 3-14
Sports Equipment 35K USA, UK, Philippines & India Athletes, children, schools, playgrounds
Board Games 442K USA, UK, Canada, Australia & India Kids, families, teenagers
Journals 848K Ireland, France, India, USA College students, young people age 15-30

8. Comfort Items

Product Global search Volume on Google Top Countries Target Audience
Cushions 4.3K USA, UK, India & Canada People who need back support
Touchscreen Gloves 3.9K USA, UK, Canada People of all ages
Mattresses 893K USA, UK, India, Canada & Australia Renters and homeowners

9. Baby Products

ProductGlobal Google Search VolumeTop CountriesTarget Audience
Baby Stroller69KUK, Indonesia, USA, Canada & IndiaNew parents, traveling parents

10. Pet Products

Product Global Google Search Volume Top Countries Target Audience
Pet Food 63K USA, UK, India, Canada & Australia Pet owners, pet hostels, pet care establishments
Dog Bed 263K USA, India, Canada, UK & Australia Pet owners, pet care establishments


Once you figure out what your star product will be, you’ll need to start thinking about shipping and logistics. Tapping into the right trend will get you far, but you’ll need a reputable eCommerce shipping services provider to handle the nitty gritty logistics.

Managing Your eCommerce Shipping 

eCommerce Shipping

There’s a lot to think about when starting a business. Building a website using user-friendly website builder, signing up for web hosting, and learning how to market and grow your business online are all essential–and sometimes complex–parts of the process. 

But major advancements in the technology and the logistics industry have made shipping one of the simplest, most efficient aspects of running your business. eCommerce shipping solutions and fulfillment services are readily accessible to every business owner, and choosing the right eCommerce shipping platform can completely take the hassle out of order shipping and fulfillment.

There are multiple benefits in working with a 3PL provider, including access to:

eCommerce shipping services

Competitive rates

An extensive network of carriers

Innovative shipping solutions

Multichannel integrations

Warehousing services

Fulfillment services

Time-saving automation

On-demand printing of shipping labels

Customization and branding of packaging and labels

When you work with eShipper, you also get 24/7 customer support from real people, as well as a dedicated account manager to support you through the entire journey. Whether you're new to eCommerce or a seasoned pro, eShipper can help you expand your online business globally and assist you in developing a shipping plan that works for you and your customers. 
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