Trade Secrets

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Sarah Kermalli Apr 07, 2017 • 2 min read
Shipping Services

Client Snapshot

Trade Secrets is the leading retailer of hair, beauty and skin products in Canada. The company offers a full range of over 4,500 products including salon-professional hair care and cosmetics, and a network of full-service salons across Canada.

The Challenge

  • Finding the right online solution to support the launch of their eCommerce site
  • Developing a solution to tackle the problem of products freezing over in the wintertime during freight transit
  • Achieving quick response times for their time-sensitive shipments
  • Consolidating and standardizing logistics for eCommerce and their Canadian franchises

The Solution

Trade Secrets was able to collaborate with eShipper to fully integrate our service into their website, giving the company the ability to view multiple rates from multiple carriers and easily process shipments online. eShipper built a custom “heated service” solution into our platform to accommodate for temperature-sensitive shipments, allowing Trade Secrets to eradicate the concern of products ever freezing over. The company was assigned a dedicated Customer Service representative that they could contact if they needed any support, along with eShipper’s Customer Helpline and Online Support.

The Result

Trade Secrets have experienced streamlined processes, and have been able to save 30-40% on their daily shipping expenditures. Having both courier and services available has greatly impacted their productivity, and the heated service has successfully been able to combat the issue of products freezing over and losing integrity. The introduction of a dedicated representative has led to quicker response times for their shipping needs, ultimately increasing overall shipping efficiency.

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