To nail holiday shipping, think like an investor

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Sarah Kermalli Dec 08, 2016 • 4 min read
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Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.

That good-old saying should fit your holiday shipping strategy like hand in glove (another useful idiom!). In other words, beware of relying on a single courier for all your shipping needs. Just like sage investors diversify their investment portfolios to minimize risk, you increase your chances of success by tapping multiple couriers and multiple shipping options.

Although you and your current courier company may practically feel like family, it’s likely not the most optimal arrangement, especially during the unpredictable and intense holiday shopping season. Your customers will judge you by how you handle these next few weeks as they make last-minute purchases while expecting you to deliver their orders as smoothly as if you were waving a wand.

But what if your courier of choice is experiencing delays, has reached capacity, or has gone offline?

If orders do not reach their destinations within the guaranteed time frame, count on unhappy customers to blame you for the issues. (Anyone who has faced a devastated 5-year-old because the toy at the top of his wish list didn’t arrive with Santa ― or courier ― tends not to be in a forgiving mood.)

Don’t be afraid to branch out and diversify your logistics portfolio to safeguard against the unexpected.

Using multiple couriers also helps you tailor each shipment based on its size, weight, and destination. Some couriers have stronger networks in certain parts of the country while others contract with local courier companies to enable speedy last-mile deliveries. With a smorgasbord of options, you can cherry-pick the best solution for you.

Needless to say, you are also much more likely to secure a competitive rate when you can compare and contrast rates and shipping options. By checking the availability of each courier, you are also able to quickly cross them off your list or take them into consideration as their capacity fluctuates throughout the holiday season.

Using multiple couriers may sound like an awful lot of work. Who has time to call each and every one to check their availability, for example? The good news is that eShipper makes the job a breeze. eShipper lets you compare carriers and rates, all on one page. When you’ve booked your shipment, using our quick and easy online shipping tool, simply print the label, and have the package picked up for door-to-door delivery.

Diversifying has never been easier. Click here to learn more about us or contact us for more .

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