Tips to Build Customer Loyalty in Black Friday Cyber Monday

Vitor Botega
Vitor Botega Nov 18, 2020 • 5 min read
Black Friday Cyber Monday

It's almost that time of the year, and every brand is already getting ready for the showdown. Black Friday Cyber Monday sales are often the biggest of the year, and brands are expecting a repeat this year.

However, there's so much uncertainty surrounding BFCM this year. The impact of COVID19 has led to a remarkable change in consumer behavior and purchase options.

Since we all are expecting this season to be different from the others, it’s important that your brand is not one of the losers. This is why you should set-up plans to win the heart of your customers for good.

In this article, we are going to show you tips on how to build customer loyalty in Black Friday Cyber Monday. Here's a list of some of these tips.

1. Exciting offers and Discounts

Every customer wants to feel like a winner after making a purchase. Hence, by reinforcing this feeling, you'll have earned their loyalty.

If you doubt me, then ask yourself why customers buy more when prices drop? More than 30% of online consumers register for price tracking service to get an email when the price drops for the item they want to buy.

But how do you make customers feel like they're winning? 

It's very simple. Always provide your customers with discounts and offers. You can do this to facilitate entry sales or encourage more purchases. You can include bonuses, promo codes, gift card deals, and price reductions.

For this to work, you'll have to find the right offers for your business and set the right price for customers. Create a price point that attracts customers. It works like magic.

Do you know that a whole lot of businesses are failing because they're too focused on disseminating information? I guess you don't know. If your brand is still using this approach, there's a chance you'll be losing most of your customers.

Today, customers want to be a part of something. They want to be heard too! Effective communication is about sending messages and receiving feedback.

Hence, creating platforms for interaction is vital to your business success. You can set up a Facebook page where they can leave their comments, or you can make it more personal with a live chat tool.

If you're a start-up, you can activate a brand email or phone lines with which they can contact you. Let your customers identify with your brand. Listen to them before your competitor does.

Buying online is different from visiting a brick and mortar store. Buying online is often considered a risk, and hence, it comes with a whole lot of anxiety. But you can take advantage of the situation by easing the tension of doing business with your brand.

Are you aware that you can unlock lifetime customer loyalty with an effective email policy?

As a brand owner, you should have a branded feedback mail for every process of purchase.  Send mails to confirm a purchase, update on delivery, and as a reminder of the benefits of buying from you. You may also use mail to announce a new discount offer or bonus.

Additionally, always add a thank-you or congratulation mail to your list. Mails are free, yet they can be used for a whole lot. But whichever way you want to use it, don't forget to make it sound personal.

Shoppers may skip the promotional emails, but they will open your Order Confirmation and Shipping Updates multiple times. Download the first-of-its-kind BFCM Shopify Notification Email Guide to turn your BFCM shoppers into lifetime customers.

According to a study, 69% of respondents felt that they were less likely to order from a retailer in the future if their product wasn’t delivered in time.

If your business is able to meet your shipping customer expectations, you create a competitive edge that differentiates your business and drives loyalty.

Partnering with a reliable shipping company is essential to ensuring your business’s success during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Operating as an extension of your business, your shipping partner is in charge of providing your customers with fast, flexible, and affordable shipping rates.

Conveniently, CPX by eShipper effectively works to ensure your business is receiving the fastest shipping times at an affordable price. By strategically partnering with Canada Post, eShipper utilities zone skipping in order to avoid congested routes in the GTA, eliminating the effects of carrier delays to make sure your customers get their packages in time for the holidays.

If there's any aspect of your product everyone is going to continue talking about after this holiday, it's going to be packaging. Only a few brands understand that packaging is a product and service at the same time. And it is only these few that'll not worry about customer loyalty.

Customized boxes or poly mailers are one of the ways to get started. Tell your story with visually appealing designs and creative cuts. But don't forget that it's all about using eco-friendly materials to get what we want. 

Packaging also needs to win the customer's hearts. A simple thank you card or a handwritten note with a discount code for repurchase will definitely go a long way. Some brands are going very personal by using the names of customers. Just don't forget to include how much each customer means to you. 

Unboxing videos are everywhere on the internet, and they're gradually becoming the hub for product reviews. According to Google, 64 percent of people who view unboxing videos do so while researching a product. Read that again!

Have you ever wondered why people keep buying products from a brand that already has a lot of customers? It's because many people want to identify with these brands.

The truth is ensuring that your product and packaging is worth showing on social media platforms is important. All you need to do is make your product stand out, give it crafty and attractive packaging. Let every step in unboxing your product be unique and interesting.

Adverts are important in building customer loyalty. An effective ad can help you win back inactive customers. But you'll have to be careful about the way you advertise your product.

Telling your target audience about a new product or offer is now very common. Customers are tired of seeing boring ads every now and then. So if you're going to stand out, you'll have to be creative with it.

You can build customer loyalty by sending ads to active customers first. Let them know they're getting first-hand information. Don't forget to include an element of urgency in your ads, and ensure the message is clear enough. 

8. Have A Product Guide And Information Policy

Product guides and information have always been in existence. But many people are yet to fully understand how to make the most out of it. Do you know that customers can return your product because they don't know how to use it?

Customers are becoming more interested in products that are easy-to-use. Instead of exposing them to YouTube videos that are probably sponsored by competitors, you can send a product guide with the product.

Provide customers with step by step instructions to getting their product working. 

This simple gesture will make your customers value your brand and make them trust you.

9. Refund and Return Policy

Having a good refund and return policy and refund policy is one way to encourage customer loyalty. This is even direct, unlike the others. Showing your customers that they can trust you is one way they'll actually trust you.

To get this started, first state your policies clearly and make returns free. Don't worry; you’re not actually losing. The fact is about 90 percent of buyers who return products buy a new one immediately.

10. Loyalty Program

Loyalty programs are arguably the most effective ways to grow customer loyalty. These programs will not only keep old customers; they’ll attract new customers. Who doesn't want an incentive?

Loyalty programs are basically customer reward programs. It requires that you set up a list of rewards, criteria, and eligibility marks for getting the reward. Note that there will be more rewards as customers make more purchases.

When you finally start a loyalty program, ensure there are exclusive rewards for every customer that signs-up. You can use bonuses, coupon codes, or points as rewards.

More so, you can encourage customers to maintain elite status with your brand by rewarding them with more points. Ensure that these points can buy them something tangible.


Having a good number of loyal customers is one thing every brand wants. However, it takes a whole lot of effort to win customers for good. And that's why we have given you these tips to work with.

With our tips, we believe you can have your customers where you want them. But remember to go through the list again anytime you're confused.

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