Shipping Overseas Without Breaking the Bank

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Noor AI Abid Sep 12, 2017 • 4 min read
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In order for your client base to reach its full potential, you must be willing to bring your eCommerce store overseas. With the opportunity to grow your consumer base irrevocably, each year international stores become more essential. So, what happens when shipping worldwide becomes too unaffordable? It is no secret the process sounds expensive, and in a high-demand economy, it has the capability of breaking your bottom line - if you let it.

Shipping to a global audience does not have to be a wallet-shattering venture, whether by air or sea. We promise. You just have to know the right way to save. Here we have gathered a list of our favorite ways to ship overseas for less, so you can expand your international store without worry or stress.

Never Guess Overseas Shipping Costs

Don’t make the mistake of referring to last year’s shipping costs to predict costs for your new orders. Shipping costs change, and should you rely on old data as a benchmark, you might end up reducing your profits in a dramatic way.

When budgeting for quarterly, and annual, shipping costs, you must be detailed and include a reasonable amount for increases in services and unknown issues. If you budget well, your overseas shipping costs will be offset by other factors.

Speed Does Not Always Trump Cost

As a small business owner, or a mid-sized business owner, you will learn that the speediest shipping option does not always bring you the best value. Shipping overseas in the technological age means balancing speed with cost, and coming up with a compromise where all stockholders win.

Know The Taxation and Customs Rules Of Your Destination

Getting overseas shipping right is all about reducing surprises that add to your shipping bill as your freight makes its way to its destinations. If your freight contains restricted items, for example, the entire shipment could be rejected and returned to you. (Yikes.) Understanding the taxation and custom rules of your package’s destination, is one way to avoid unexpected and unwelcome fees.

Create Complementary Pairs  

Because shipping overseas means your freight will be passed around, make sure you choose an overseas shipper that has extensive experience in working with your domestic shipper, hence reducing the risk of expensive surcharges and the like.

Stay In The Know

Just as air fares sometimes unexpectedly rise or drop, airfreight rates can be capricious as well. The answer? Be prepared to get several quotes, and review the status of affairs continually. Keeping updated on changing shipping rates lets you make the most informed decision about who to ship with and can help eliminate the chance that you find surprise charges on your bill.

eShipper is Ready to Help Your Business Expand

You are a hard worker – and remarkably clever to boot – but this does not mean that you want to become an expert in international shipping.

With over a decade of experience, eShipper is ready to help you grow your international presence with unbeatable shipping prices and an expert team. So, if you are looking to save or just want to compare rates, contact us today.

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