Online Retailers Agree Shipping Service integration key to success

Sarah Kermalli
Sarah Kermalli Oct 20, 2016 • 4 min read

Let’s talk about the importance of shipping service integration. As an online retailer, you probably have an attractive website with a shopping cart feature. For additional exposure, you may be using third-party marketplaces such as Etsy and other sales channels.

You also know that the final leg of your product’s journey – from the time an order is placed to the moment it arrives on your customer’s doorstep is crucial if you care to keep that customer coming back (and who doesn’t?)

  1. How do you ensure on-time delivery of your products?
  2. Are your customers able to take advantage of the most competitive shipping rates?
  3. How long does it take you to generate shipping labels?

The key to a delightful shipping experience for both you and your customers is integrating your online shopping cart with a shipping service.

In fact, a recent survey by Software Advice showed a high percentage of small online retailers ($50 million or less in annual revenue) said shipping service integration had a positive or significantly positive impact on e-commerce performance.

Specifically, this is how many respondents said shipping service integration had a positive impact on:

  • On-time delivery: 82 percent
  • Time to process order: 70 percent
  • Shipping costs: 72 percent
  • Order accuracy: 74 percent

Take the example of the eShipper cloud-based shipping platform. For starters, our platform allows you to easily ship and save, whether your needs are local or global, big or small. Forget about having to research or negotiate rates with individual shippers. We've negotiated amazing rates with all our carriers to make sure that our customers stop spending an arm and a leg on shipping. Pick what works for your needs.

And, better yet, since our platform seamlessly integrates with all major shopping carts – Shopify, Etsy, Magento, Woo Commerce, and more – you can offer the same great shipping rates to your customers.

To echo the assessment of Software Advice:

“With shipping service integrations, the process of generating shipping labels and selecting carriers is easier than ever before. And clearly, such integrations have a positive impact on online retailers’ operations.”

In our case, the eShipper customized web API application easily plugs into your shopping cart or internal system, allowing you to print shipping labels for all your orders with a simple click of a button. All your shipping information is then automatically pulled from your shopping cart and sent to eShipper.

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