Marketing Tips for Your Food Subscription Boxes

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Sarah Kermalli Jun 28, 2017 • 4 min read
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You’ve done it. You have translated your love for cooking natural seasonal foods into a food subscription box business. But orders for your outstanding subscription boxes have been trickling in, and you are far below the goalposts you set for yourself in your business plan.

It’s time to dive into marketing in a new way, to do all that you can to let your target customer know that you can send them a food subscription box that will make their heart beat a little faster.

Six Marketing Tips For Your Food Subscription Boxes

  1. Tell your family and friends about your food subscription boxes and encourage them to sign up. You may feel hesitant about approaching your network of family and friends, but remember, you have a worthy product and they will want to help you to succeed. Also, your network will tell their friends, who will tell their friends, and so on and so on…
  2. You are passionate about food; the perfect purple of the inside of a beet sends you running for your camera; you actually steam fish in banana leaves – you need to write a blog that lets readers into your kitchen.
  3. You can run an ad on Facebook on a small budget, and target it to customers who are likely to ooh and aah when they see photos of your splendid subscription boxes.
  4. Humans love to get free stuff. Why not visit a local farmer’s market and offer a limited number of free subscription boxes, say to your first ten visitors? Some of the lucky farmer’s-market-goers are likely to get hooked.
  5. People also love coupons. Create a coupon that is a win-win for you and a potential customer at your online shop. Consider offering 20% off a two-month subscription in exchange for signing up for your newsletter.
  6. Speaking of newsletters, create one. The Nelson Norman Group reports that the newsletter remains a useful way to contact your customers, informing them about new products, upcoming deals, and other information. If you feel overwhelmed at the idea of blogging and publishing a newsletter, why not ask a friend who is passionate about your business to take on the newsletter?

And, finally, remember that marketing is an ongoing and evolving process; you will learn, through trial and error, which channels and tactics effectively spread the word about your subscription boxes. Keep doing new things and mixing it up.

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