Looking for a perfect LTL shipping partner – here are 4 telltale signs

Imran Kermalli
Imran Kermalli Jan 03, 2017 • 3 min read
LTL freight

Your less than truckload (LTL) shipping partner has got your back. The question is how do you know whether it’s a productive relationship when it comes to efficiency, cost savings, security, and all the other factors that make your business soar?

Is it a match made in heaven or is the feeling lukewarm? Perhaps you’re not even in an LTL shipping relationship yet, but are looking for someone who will make your heart sing?

Let’s take a peek at four telltale signs that you should zero in on during your search for the right LTL shipping partner:

First of all, we have to assume you’re an ideal candidate for LTL shipping. That means you’ve hit the sweet spot: Your shipment weighs between 151 and 15,000 lbs. In other words, your freight weighs too much for a parcel carrier, but too little for a full truckload (FTL). Since an LTL carrier loads shipments from several customers onto one truck, you only pay for the space that your freight occupies.

But you want the best deal around too, preferably without having to call each shipper to discuss rates and other issues. Enter eShipper’s cloud-based shipping platform. With a few simple clicks, you will be presented with a smorgasbord of options and the most competitive rates around.

If your average shipment ranks on the lower side of the weight scale, we’ve got a feeling you want to keep growing your business in 2017. An LTL shipping partner is flexible as a ballerina, allowing you to increase the size of your shipment and successfully scale your operations.

The good news is that the bigger quantities you move, the less you pay for each item. Growth and cost savings really can go hand in hand.

A little sugar never hurt anyone, especially since we’re not talking calories here. In the world of LTL shipping, sweet treats may include lift gates to make pickup and delivery a breeze; notification options; inside pickup and delivery; non-commercial shipping; and freeze protection. Factors such as freight classification, weight, destination, and liability insurance determine the amount of the accessorial fees.

Whenever you wave bye-bye to your shipment, you want to be absolutely sure it’s in safe hands. If too many hands juggle your freight during transit, that’s generally not a good thing.

LTL carriers excel at cutting back on the number of times the freight is handled. For example, some will encourage you to load your freight onto pallets or into durable crates. A palletized shipment is better off than individual packages.

Again, eShipper can help you find the perfect match among an assortment of great LTL shipping companies. We specialize in finding the most competitive rates and best carrier for your needs. Click here to learn more about us or contact us for more information.

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