Holiday Shipping Deadlines For Canadian Businesses 2021 Edition

Reem ElS aadi
Reem El Saadi Nov 03, 2021 • 4 min read
Shipping deadlines in this holiday season
Shipping deadlines in this holiday season

It’s officially holiday season, and shoppers are busy browsing the virtual shelves and filling their carts with the perfect gifts to put under the Christmas tree. While retail stores are seeing a lot more traffic than last year, eCommerce stores are still as busy as ever. Businesses and shoppers alike have learned the hard way that the risks of last-minute orders are very real, and many consumers are shopping early in anticipation of shipping delays similar to what they experienced last year.

Still, you can bet that last minute orders will keep coming in. To help customers ensure that they don’t show up empty handed on Christmas Eve, you need a solid plan of action to accommodate these last-minute shoppers, as well as provide clear expectations to your customers on what the shipping deadlines are —  in case they complain that you didn’t deliver a package on time. 

Even though this holiday season promises to be even more lucrative than usual for eCommerce businesses, the fact remains that competition is fierce and you can expect massive traffic to keep Canadian shipping couriers incredibly busy. Make sure you take initiative early and clearly communicate your shipping deadlines so your customers aren’t left waiting for their gifts to arrive. 

If you’re not showing your customer exactly what to expect as they make a purchase, you’re risking the chance of losing them. Figure out your order-by deadlines based on the carrier holiday cut-off dates, and make your shipping time clear at checkout— not just in your FAQs. We also suggest adding a banner at the top of your website to clearly set your “order by” dates to guarantee delivery before Christmas. Remember that shipping and fulfillment times differ, so account for how long the item takes to ship out and how long it takes to get delivered.

But there’s no need to start scrambling to find each courier’s deadlines. We know you’re busy stocking up on inventory and working on your holiday marketing, and the last thing you need is yet another item on your endless holiday to-do list. So look no further— here are all the Canadian ship-by dates you need to get started on setting your own order deadlines for a smooth shipping experience. 

2021 Holiday Ship-by Dates in Canada

1. Canada Post: Canada Shipping Deadlines

This’ the season to be jolly — as long as you meet your holiday cut off times. Canada Post’s deadlines are tight, so plan ahead and make sure to ship your orders on time to avoid any delivery delays.

CanadaPost - Holiday Shipping Deadlines
CanadaPost - Holiday Shipping Deadlines

2. Purolator: Canada Shipping Deadlines

Santa delivers all his gifts in one day, and although you might not have magical reindeer at your disposal, with Purolator you can guarantee prompt and accurate delivery dates to your customers —  as long as you follow the schedule. 

Holiday shipping dates by Purolator

3. FedEx: Canada Shipping Deadlines

Stick to FedEx’s schedule to avoid frustrating your customers. Keep their festive season happy and bright! 

FedEx - Holiday Shipping Deadlines

4. Canpar: Canada Shipping Deadlines

Remember to set customer expectations early and encourage them to place their orders well before Christmas to ensure timely delivery and cheaper shipping rates from Canpar.

Canpar Holiday Shipping Deadlines

* Dates vary depending on destination province

5. UPS: Canada Shipping Deadlines

This trusted shipping courier has strict deadlines that you need to follow. Make sure to get your orders shipped through UPS in advance to avoid any unexpected delays. 

UPS - Holiday Shipping Deadlines

6. DHL: Canada Shipping Deadlines

DHL runs a tight ship, so make sure to get your customers on the same page well in advance.

DHL- Holiday Shipping Deadlines

If you need assistance with your holiday shipping and fulfillment strategy, check out eShipper’s eCommerce solutions. And make sure you download our 2021 Holiday Shipping Guide for essential shipping tips to get you ready for the magic of the holiday season! 

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