Falling In Love Gems

Sarah Kermalli
Sarah Kermalli Aug 25, 2017 • 3 min read
Shipping Services

Client Snapshot

Falling in Love Gems is an online seller of fine gemstones and supplies. Through their Etsy store they offer a vast supply of over 150 natural gemstones. They also offer a variety of high quality crystal beads, hypoallergenic aluminum chains, and lead free metal beads. Falling in Love Gems boasts over 20,000 positive reviews from their customers and sells their products to over 70 countries.

The Challenges

  • Difficulty reaching international markets and keeping shipping cost down for overseas customers as international shipping prices would increase from all existing carriers.
  • Looking for a courier partner to effectively deliver to every corner of the globe and offer technology to streamline the entire shipping process.

The Solution

eShipper was able to provide Falling in Love Gems with a full blown International eCommerce program that would allow them to effectively deliver to any destination in the world. eShipper acted as an exclusive partner with DHL eCommerce to provide Falling in Love Gems the lowest possible courier rates available in the marketplace for all their International shipments. In addition, eShipper provided a special online eCommerce shipping portal that seamlessly accommodated high volumes of shipments.

The Results

Since using eShipper’s special global ecommerce program, Falling in Love Gems has been able to cut their International shipping costs by over 40%, allowing them to remain competitive entering into the worldwide market. They were also able to offer international customers similar shipping rates to local customers. Utilizing eShipper’s automated online eCommerce portal enabled the company to decrease the amount of time it was taking for processing the high volume of shipments each day.

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