DHL eCommerce: 1 Program Can Help Serve International Customers

Sarah Kermalli
Sarah Kermalli Jan 01, 2016 • 2 min read
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It happens to us all the time. There's that one red-light teeth whitening pen we've been dying to get our hands on. We go to the website, add the item to our shopping cart, and proceed to checkout, only to realize that they don't ship to our country.

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No one likes him (unless they live in his country - in which case, no one likes them either). 

Unless you're happy to keep your product within arms reach and have your international product-covetors write you threating emails for the rest of your eCommerce life, you're going to want to jump on that international shipping bandwagon. Besides, you're going to want to grow your business and increase ROI eventually, right?

Now that you're happy to offer international shipping,

Don't be like that $90 to ship my toe socks lady.

We get it, your toe socks are great. They even glow in the dark! You know who's going to pay 8 times the price of the toe socks to get it shipped to them? NO ONE. 

New strategy: offer free shipping. It's 2016 afterall, and you knew you'd have to cave in eventually. Don't worry, you don't have to offer free shipping all the time, and there's tons of ways to make free shipping profitable for you. This article by Kissmetrics nailed it!

We all know that shipping isn't actually free. Someone's going to have to pay for it, and as we've already implied, it's going to be you. 

Now you can ship internationally for less than the cost of a sandwich. 

How, you ask? Just ship using DHL eCommerce and get access to these awesome rates, tracking, and competitive transit times. 

Here's How DHL eCommerce compares to the postal service:

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