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Imran Kermalli
Imran Kermalli Dec 13, 2016 • 3 min read

When searching for the ideal e-commerce software, think of your favorite pair of jeans. They are attractive yet comfortable. They make you look and feel your best. They put you at ease while catching the attention of others. And that model that works so well for you may not be great on someone else.

The same goes for the world of e-commerce software – not one size fits all. There are now so many software and shopping cart vendors to choose from that it may take more than one quick trip to the fitting room to find the perfect match for your small business.

If you don’t know where to start, a good bet is to look at some of the products which users consistently give two thumbs up. Each of the following top-ranked platforms ― in addition to other major e-commerce shopping carts ― also integrate seamlessly with eShipper’s customized web API application, allowing you to print shipping labels with a simple click of a button:

When Business News Daily recently reviewed nearly 40 e-commerce software and plugins, Shopify came out on top. Shopify is first and foremost known to be user friendly. Even with little web experience, Shopify makes building an online store quick and easy. In addition to the online storefront, the software includes payment processing, web hosting, a website builder, marketing and analytics tools, third-party integration, and more.

If you’re a WordPress fan, you may need to look no further than WooCommerce. This open-source e-commerce plugin is specifically designed for small to large-sized online merchants using ― that’s right ― WordPress. WooCommerce’s shopping-cart software is used by hundreds of thousands of online businesses and brands. With its limitless capabilities and customization options, you can pick and choose among themes, extensions, and plugins found online (again, think eShipper for all your shipping needs).

Magento is often cited as the best e-commerce software for enterprises and fast-growing online businesses. Unlike other software choices, users tend to like that it doesn’t come with monthly subscription fees. The open-source software can be completely customized or used as-is out of the box. Either way, Magento is not for the technical novice.

Regardless of which e-commerce software product works for your small business, you also need stellar and cost-effective shipping to entice customers to come back for more. The eShipper cloud-based shipping platform allows you to easily ship and save, whether your needs are local or global, big or small.

By integrating your shopping cart with our platform, your customers can take advantage of the amazing rates that we’ve negotiated with our carriers. All your shipping information is automatically pulled from your shopping cart and sent to eShipper. It’s so easy.

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