As the global economy continues to expand and more businesses look to capitalize on international trade, shipping goods from China has become increasingly popular. 

Shipping costs can be a major expense when considering moving products internationally, so it pays to know how to reduce them.

ReadyCloud reports that 63% of consumers have canceled an online purchase due to excessive shipping fees.

When it comes to reducing these shipping costs, there's no one-size-fits-all solution, but the good news is that there are several strategies you can employ so that your purchases don't cost an arm and a leg–especially when it comes to sourcing products directly from Chinese manufacturers.

In this article, we'll share five key tips on how to save money while shipping goods from China — so grab yourself a cup of coffee (or another preferred beverage) and let's jump in. 

1. Choose Shipping Methods Wisely

When it comes to sourcing and shipping products from China, the shipping method used is one of the most important factors in determining overall costs. Shipping methods can vary considerably in terms of how quickly they deliver goods and their associated fees.

With the right strategy, you can often maximize savings while ensuring your products arrive on time.

China Shipping Methods

However, choosing a shipping method wisely isn't just about finding the cheapest option. Shipping costs are also influenced by a variety of other variables, such as the size, weight and value of a package, as well as its destination. This means that selecting a cost-effective option requires a deep understanding of all these aspects.

Air Freight generally comes at higher costs than sea freight due to its faster transit time but offers an advantage when it comes to perishable or fragile items that need to be delivered within short deadlines.

Sea Freight may take longer, but can also provide savings of up to 50%. Consolidating multiple shipments into one container can also reduce per-unit costs significantly. 

All in all, goods that are not time sensitive should be shipped by sea freight if you’re trying to save on shipping costs. 

2. Take Advantage of Free Shipping Quotes - Let’s Get Comparing!

Requesting free shipping quotes can be an invaluable tool when it comes to reducing shipping costs from China. Shipping providers offer various rates and promotions, and through these quotes, you can compare different options and find the best deal for your needs.

Most companies that provide shipping services have established relationships with suppliers in China which allows them to get better deals.

Free China Shipping Quotes

This gives customers a cost-effective way to transport goods across international borders without having to go through extensive negotiations or put up with long wait times.

Shipping quotes also provide customers with additional insights into the transit times of their merchandise, which can help them plan their supply chain more efficiently as well as map out any associated costs. 

As a first step, requesting free shipping quotes and comparing different companies’ rates allows you to take advantage of the best ones out there. 

3. Negotiate Shipping Costs

Negotiating with your shipping providers can be a great way to reduce overall expenses. Shipping providers in China tend to be very competitive and often have different rates for various services.

If you have been working with one provider for a long time and have built up loyalty, try to tap into that. If your shipping supplier knows that you have a stable business that will continue to use their services, they may offer you more favorable offers, such as reduced transit times and free insurance coverage. 

China Negotiate Shipping Costs

Leverage your loyalty (as well as the competition between shipping providers) and look for special offers and discounts that could save you considerable amounts of money.

4. Bulk Shipping

Bulk shipping from China is one of the most cost-effective solutions for businesses looking to reduce their shipping costs. 

Shipping in bulk allows companies to take advantage of lower per-unit rates, as well as discounts on bulk orders and other offers that would otherwise be unavailable. Shipping in bulk also helps to streamline the logistics process, resulting in faster transit times and increased efficiency.

China Bulk Shipping

Between 2018 and 2022, the shipping industry planned to add more vessels to transport dry bulk goods each year – right in time too, as bulk shipping deliveries peaked at an all-time high in 2022!

5. Avoid Unnecessary Shipping Features

According to ReadyCloud, the average shipping cost of online purchased goods is 70% of the average order value for online retailers.  

Avoiding unnecessary shipping features such as over-packaging or extra handling can be a great way to reduce shipping costs from China. This way, you're able to save on shipping expenses while still getting your orders delivered quickly and safely.

Over Packaging

One of the most common ways shipping providers charge extra is through over-packaging products. Extra packaging not only costs you when it comes to the materials but also in the loss of cargo space! 

Make sure you are optimizing your packages, by either reducing the size of the boxes themselves or filling them with more products. 

Shipping Features

Extra Handling

Another way shipping providers may charge more is by including additional handling services. These services can include anything from special labeling requirements to additional tracking services, both of which are not always necessary for shipping goods from China – thus making them an unnecessary expense.

Bottom Line

Shipping costs can be a major expense for businesses, but with the right strategies in place, you don’t have to break the bank. 

By taking advantage of the right shipping methods, free shipping quotes, and bulk shipping and focusing on only the essential extra features, you can significantly reduce your shipping costs from China while still getting your orders delivered on time. 

And if you’re looking for some help, reach out to us here at eShipper and we can begin to look at the right fit for your shipping needs. Together, we can make shipping your products from China a breeze. 

Good luck and happy shipping! :)

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