4 Keys to a Winning Black Friday Promotion

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Noor AI Abid Oct 18, 2017 • 4 min read

Black Friday 2017 is November 24th. If it’s not marked on your calendar, it should be. And you should be planning something special for visitors because you’re gonna get ’em. Online traffic last year was up 220% compared to normal Fridays in 2016 (source) and that number is expected to grow this year.

Last year online shopping exceeded in-store shopping on Black Friday for the first time: 108.5 million to 99.1 million (source). Yes, the increasing ease of online shopping has a lot to do with it, but so do the ridiculous crowds at bricks-and-mortar stores. Do you really want to fight crowds at three in the morning, when you can buy from your bed at 12:01? 

Understanding the Black Friday shopper

You REALLY have to wow your Black Friday shopper, and you have to do it quickly. If you normally have 3.5 seconds to capture a visitor’s attention, you probably have half that on Black Friday because they’re up against the clock to scour the Internet for the best deals. 

Here are some clever tips and tricks for boosting visitors and making more Black Friday sales.

Bundle your best-selling item with a complementary product

Lead with your best foot forward. It’s good advice in everything, but especially in eCommerce. If you know something’s a winner, you’d be silly to bury it. Show it off proudly, and be sure to conspicuously mention how well it’s done. A large volume of sales is the purest way to establish credibility.

As for the combo offer, think of it as hooking a lesser-known product’s horse to the right wagon. For example, if you’re a men’s clothing retailer and your top seller is a white button-down shirt, maybe you want to serve it up with a pair of classic cufflinks or a selection of three ties. Whatever you choose, make sure it adds value to the best-selling item.

Use numbers in your Black Friday promos

Big numbers jump out at people, especially if they’re preceded by a “%.” Some retailers will use empty phrases like “save more than ever” or “save a bundle on Black Friday,” but the more precise you can be, the easier you’re making your visitor’s decision. When comparing two offers, including numbers can help your eCommerce business immediately stand out among other Black Friday offers.

The key is finding that right number -- and bigger doesn't necessarily mean better. Obviously, you should make it significant enough to compete with the hype of Black Friday, but never at the risk of devaluing your product or service. Anything above 60% off can start to feel a bit desperate.

Invest in a creative team

You may be used to building your own creative assets, and for the other 364 days, that’s probably okay. But do you really trust yourself against your visitors’ quick-trigger clicking?

A professional designer will make sure your offer jumps off the screen with design and colour. The copywriter will make sure it sticks with clever, persuasive verbiage that gives your visitor a legit reason to consider it.

Offer free shipping

Online shoppers will spend 30% more per order if shipping is included (source). And with the right plan (and the right shipping partner), you can put yourself in the position to eat the costs on your busiest day of the year. Want to set yourself up for free shipping? Use the link below.

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