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The Post-Pandemic Consumer Landscape

The shift in customer expectations and online shopping behaviour - and how your business can adapt

The Biggest Obstacles in Getting Products to Your Customers

Why you’ve been seeing delays and skyrocketing shipping prices - and how to get around it to make your bank account and your customers happy

Prevention Before Cure: Customer Retention

How to effectively manage customer expectations around restocking and delivery - even when you don’t have all the answers

Success Story to Replicate

How a mother-daughter teen subscription box duo scaled during the pandemic - and how you can too

Tuesday, June 21 @ 1:00 PM EST

The post-pandemic landscape has drastically transformed customer expectations. We’ve entered an era that champions instant gratification, and nothing feeds it like online shopping. But with more businesses moving online than ever before, competition is fierce, and brand loyalty isn’t what it used to be.

Is turning prospects into brand advocates a top priority for your business in 2022? Join us for a power-packed discussion on taking control of the customer experience. Learn how to embrace the new eCommerce landscape so you can thrive like never before. This discussion features experts from eShipper and Air Canada, with a first-hand look at how the owner of a subscription box company born during the pandemic has flourished against all odds.

Imtiaz Kermali. Vice President Sales & Marketing, eShipper
Imtiaz Kermalli

Vice President Sales & Marketing


The session will be hosted by Imtiaz Kermali, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at eShipper with global success in both corporate and startup businesses, and a track record of supercharging multiple organizations and teams.

Paul Rondeau’s background in logistics and passion for the industry has given him the unique ability to help drive the successful expansion of Rivo, a new Canadian enhanced pick up and delivery e-commerce service that leverages Air Canada’s infrastructure, fleet and technology partnerships.

Paul Rondeau
Paul Rondeau

Manager, eCommerce Partnerships

Heidi Avery
Heidi Avery


(Guest Speaker)
Ruby Crate

Heidi is the CEO and Founder of Ruby Crate – a subscription box for tween and teen girls. In 2020, Heidi identified an untapped niche with subscription boxes for teenage girls and partnered with her daughter Sienna to create this unique brand. They were recognized as the #1 Subscription Box for Tween and Teen Girls in Canada, and it now sells internationally.

Tuesday, June 21 @ 1:00 PM EST

Are you ready to Rivo-lutionize your shipping experience?