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Crown Corporation partners with eShipper to offer Canadian businesses risk-free International Expansion 

eShipper launches its partnership with Export Development Canada (EDC) to offer Canadian businesses the opportunity to grow exponentially into global markets with full financial and strategic support. 

As opportunities for international expansion arise for Canadian businesses, many business owners are apprehensive about branching out due to the uncertainty involved. When considering the opportunity to expand their business, owners often struggle with answering these questions:

  • Which marketplace has a real need for my product? 
  • Who is my competition in global marketplaces? 
  • Will I be profitable? 
  • How can I trust a global buyer to pay me? 
  • How easily will I be able to take a bank loan and pay it back? 

EDC is a trusted Crown corporation developed to open doors globally for Canadian businesses to help them go, grow and succeed in markets across the world. They give businesses the strategic tools and financial support and assurance necessary to take a leap of faith and make their mark on the global marketplace.

“I am delighted to announce this partnership with EDC, which will help more Canadian entrepreneurs grow and scale their businesses into global markets’’ says Imtiaz Kermali, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at eShipper. “Our drive to share insights and thought leadership in the market are echoed within this partnership with EDC and we are excited to create more international opportunities for our customers.”

Through it’s thought leadership and vast network, eShipper is the first non-Crown corporation that EDC has partnered with. The strategic partnership will bring together Canadian businesses who want to expand their business globally, regardless of their knowledge of international trade, with an extensive resource bank and support network. 

EDC simplifies the process of getting started by:

  1. Giving businesses market entry strategies to assess which markets their products are likely to succeed in
  2. Equipping businesses with trade trend resources to understand trade agreements and tariffs in every market they are interested in
  3. Linking Canadian businesses with global buyers who are interested in selling their product to their local market and/or vetting buyers that have already approached the business 
  4. Insuring products so if the global buyer fails to pay, EDC will ensure the business is paid in full
  5. Enabling businesses to take a loan from the bank to get started internationally 

This program is geared toward Canadian businesses of any size and sector that is considering expanding to the US and internationally over the next 12 months.

About EDC

EDC helps Canadian companies go, grow, and succeed in their international business. As a financial Crown corporation, EDC provides financing, insurance, bonding, trade knowledge, and matchmaking connections to help Canadian companies sell and invest abroad. EDC can also provide financial solutions to foreign buyers to facilitate and grow purchases from Canadian companies.

About eShipper

eShipper fosters the growth of their 18,000 customer strong network by working with the world’s most trusted carriers to offer highly competitive rates on shipping. eShipper is equipped with a team of logistics experts to offer scalability strategies, tailored shipping and eCommerce programs, and fulfillment and warehousing solutions. eShipper’s main goal is to remove the complexity of shipping from business owners so that they can focus on their core sales and marketing competencies.