Why You Should Use Amazon-Certified Carriers to Streamline Shipping

Imran Kermalli
Imran Kermalli Apr 19, 2017 • 5 min read

Have you ever thought about why so many companies use Amazon-Certified Carriers to streamline shipping? Wonder no longer! Amazon-Certified carriers can bring your shipping process to the next level in speed and efficiency giving you more time to focus on your company and how you can make it grow. If you haven’t brought this solution into your eCommerce company, now is the time! They can increase productivity and profit in several ways. Here’s how!

No More Picking

With Amazon-Certified carriers, you no longer ship your own orders by hand. You simply send your product to the fulfillment warehouse with the provided shipping label. After someone makes an order, your product is packed at the warehouse and then sent on its way to your customer. There’s no more trying to keep organized with which product you’ve sent out. It’s all covered.


When you ship order by order, you have to gather and organize all your tracking numbers to make sure that each one goes to the right client. That can be tedious and opens a lot of room for human error, which can infuriate your customer. Amazon-Certified carriers assign a tracking number to each individual order, which is sent directly to the client through their Amazon account. There’s never any question where their package is or when it will arrive. It’s all laid out for them on their order receipt.

Shipment Pricing

It can be hard to judge shipping price. Do you judge on weight or dimensions or both? You can forget that worry because the price of your shipping is calculated when the product is sent to the fulfillment warehouse. When the product is shipped, a charge for the amount will be sent to your business account labeled, “Inbound Transportation Charge.” Most of the Amazon-Certified carriers have deeply discounted rates for shipping as well.

Lost or Damaged Product Reimbursement

Sending a product by hand has its risks. The biggest risk is if a product is lost or damaged on route. Each time you ship, you’d have to buy insurance for each package which can be costly and confusing. Sometimes the policies don’t cover what you think they do or they have hidden language preventing you from receiving a reimbursement. Amazon-Certified carriers have a set policy to reimburse the value of the product if it should be lost or damaged while in their care. This doesn’t mean you can get third-party insurance along with it, but they cover any product’s value up to $5000.

Return Policy

An honest return policy is necessary to running a successful eCommerce business. The customer wants to know that they can return their order should a problem come up. Return policies can be difficult to determine. But with Amazon-Certified carriers, a return policy is already in place. If an issue arises with the product, all returns go through the fulfillment center and the payment is reissued to the buyer. No fuss with paperwork, it’s all handled.

Business Growth

Every business is looking for avenues to grow. A business who has their product arrive with the Amazon logo on the box gives the customer the assurance that they will be taken care of every step of the way. Every customer service question on the shipping process is handled by Amazon customer care, which leaves you open to seek new innovations for your company.

Companies become Amazon Certified carriers because they have shown that they are true professionals. This is one of the reasons Amazon has partnered with eShipper to handle shipping solutions. Their strength and dependability as a company will reflect your same level of excellence. Isn’t it time you partnered with them, too? Contact us today for more shipping solutions, and don't forget to download our free eBook!

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