What you need to get the best courier rates in Canada

Mo datoo
Mo Datoo Dec 27, 2016 • 4 min read
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As we approach the end of 2016, it’s time to take a good look at how you secure the best courier rates in Canada. It’s not hard. We promise.

First of all, you may need to put some old practices to rest.

Forget about scouring the Internet for the best deals. We suspect you don’t find this to be the best use of your time anyway. You likely have better things to do than hopping from site to site, comparing and contrasting rates. With so many variables to take into account – size, weight, volume, destination, nature of content ― you hardly need to add negotiations with multiple service providers to the mix. So let’s forget about that too.  

But how do you start fresh in 2017?

Say hello to eShipper, your one-stop connection to all major courier companies. Since we can combine the shipping volumes of our customers, we have been able to negotiate rates well below the lowest published rates that you find on price comparison sites.

Why settle for one courier company when you can use them all and ship at competitive rates, all on one page?

Follow a few simple steps on our website and – voila – you can choose among the best courier rates available:

  • Enter shipping information.
  • Compare rates from our partner companies.
  • Select your preferable option, print your label, and ship.

Our secret ingredient? A complete web-based shipping solution that allows businesses like yours to easily ship and save on all of your day-to-day shipping requirements.

The eShipper revolutionary shipping platform integrates seamlessly into your e-commerce website, allowing you to streamline your shipping process (remember: no more negotiations or time-consuming searches) and take advantage of the best courier rates in Canada. And if you need to ship in the United States or across the world, the rates are just as good. We help you every step of the way.

The bottom line: While you focus on growing your business, eShipper takes care of all communication with transportation providers and shipping companies. Your products get safely and expediently from point A to point B. And you can rest assured you got the best rate ― with a few simple clicks of a button.

Click here to learn more about us or contact us for more information.

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