What is End to End Customer Service Anyway?

Sarah Kermalli
Sarah Kermalli May 17, 2017 • 5 min read
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If you haven’t heard of this term, don’t feel alone. End-to-end customer service is a way to evaluate your business practices for your eCommerce company. Every business should look for ways to improve, and end-to-end customer service is proving to be a valuable method. Here’s a look at how it’s done.

What Is End-to-End?

End-to-end customer service is a new phrase to describe the beginning and end points of a service method. As the theory goes, if you look at your customer service as a whole as opposed to a series of separate actions, you can better optimize your practices by trimming the fat off your methods. You can eliminate unnecessary layers in your processes, and ensure you have a comprehensive completion of work within a specified time frame.

What is the Purpose of End-to-End?

End-to-end planning is meant to improve work time and cut extraneous costs draining your company. It’s a solution that makes you evaluate your workflow from beginning to end to find if there are better or more optimal ways of conducting your eCommerce company.

How Can End-to-End be Applied?

Today, customer service is the key to maintaining a profitable business and giving your company the edge over the competition. Some business owners make the mistake of concentrating on the details while neglecting the big picture. This is where end-to-end customer service comes in. It can take on a number of different forms and can be applied to many areas of eCommerce customer service. A few questions to ask yourself when evaluating your processes are:

How can I make it faster? – Review your practices and see if there is any place where you can accomplish your goal with greater speed. Consider ways to automate and streamline your practices.

How can I make it better? – Always look for a way to increase the quality of your overall customer experience while maintaining the speed. Do your customers receive their products on time? Are customers’ needs met on every order?

How can I reduce three steps to one? - If a certain method takes three steps, but can be achieved in one, trim off the two extraneous steps. A major way to accomplish this is to find if a one of your vendors has multiple options in service. One example is to reduce your courier service and warehousing to a single company which can integrate into your shopping cart. That way your shipping solution is streamlined and brought to its highest potential by reducing three separate steps to one.

Follow your Numbers

After you have gauged your company’s processes with new eyes using the end-to-end method, review the data you’ve collected and see if there are any pitfalls you might have missed. Graph your trends, create strategies to target specific customer groups, and convert popular decisions into readable charts. This takes customer satisfaction out of the abstract and converts it into trackable numbers by which to set your company goals. Follow them to promote more effective practices to move your company to the next level.

When you look over your shipping practices, consider if there is a better or faster way to connect your customer and customer service to your product. This is where eShipper can help! We can integrate your shopping cartwith your shipping options. This cuts down on the time spent between ordering and delivering. Couple that with eShipper’s Pick-and-Pack warehousing system, and you’ll be on the right track to an efficient end-to-end service solution. Contact us today for more shipping solutions! 

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