What Are Shopify Product Tags + How They Make Your Life Easier

Sarah Killins
Sarah Killins Jan 28, 2020 • 2 min read
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Shopify is a big, beautiful beast of software that is extremely easy to navigate as a new business owner! Its intuitive user experience allows business owners to focus on what’s important in their business. 

However, there are some common misconceptions I have seen over and over as a Shopify Partner, Marketplace Owner, and eCommerce Coach. 

Undoubtedly, the most time-consuming misconception I see is misunderstanding the proper use of product tags. 

So, what are Shopify Product Tags

They are a powerful tool for organizing your products within Shopify’s inventory management system and on the web pages of your site. 

Product tags can be used as the selection criteria when you’re building an automatic collection, or as filters when you’re creating a menu.

They can be used in other practical ways like creating shipping rules, marking sale items and communicating with your team. 

What Product Tags ARE NOT 

SEO Keywords 

Product tags do not add any targeted SEO strength. 

Search Keywords

Although product tags can be used within Shopify to match with a customer's search term, they should not be avidly applied like on Etsy Marketplace. Users search intent changes drastically between a marketplace and your own online store. 

If you have popular search terms that your customers are looking for, you can apply them as necessary to applicable products. However, when doing so be sure to check that your collection pages are not showing all your tags, or filtering by tags as this can get confusing for customers. 

BONUS: Pro Tip

Predictive Search is the best enhancement you can add to your online store search function. Predictive Search shows suggested results immediately as you type into the search field. Some new themes like, Boost have predictive search built-in. Most other themes require some coding to add Predictive Search.

If you have questions about how to best organize your products, or how to add predictive search to your store, book an exploratory call with Shopify Partner, Sarah Killins.

This is a guest blog by Sarah Killins, founder of Kased Communication and Shop Hamont. Sarah is a current Shopify Partner and past Shopify employee. With global experience in sales and communication combined with an e-commerce skillset, Sarah offers Workshops, Coaching, eCommerce Management and full service website builds to help business owners achieve their goals online.

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