Use Packaging To Drive Profits: A Guide For Shopify Store Owners

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Stephan Ruhland Jun 02, 2020 • 4 min read
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As more and more businesses are grappling with the new normal, running an eCommerce store has become almost essential. With an aim to help businesses, City of Toronto and Digital Main Street- partnered with corporates such as Shopify, eShipper, Facebook, Google, Mastercard and more to build a free online store for 3000 local independent businesses and artists in Toronto under the ShopHERE program. Through this initiative more and more businesses are moving online for the first time and so is their need to get familiarized with operations, customer service and shipping & logistics in an ecommerce setting.

However, logistics and going back and forth with shipping companies still remains a hassle for most small businesses. If you’re shipping in Canada, you would have often encountered the problem of finding a shipping company that solves all your problems, while also not charging a bomb. In fact, high shipping costs is one of the biggest problems that most eCommerce companies face. 

“The 4D boxing algorithm is a proprietary technology from eShipper that resolves all your packaging problems”

With most businesses still trying to wrap their heads around logistics, what can you do to reduce those shipping costs? Surprisingly, one very important thing - packaging! Effective packaging could be one of the biggest ways to reduce your shipping expenses and improve profits. Here are a few pointers to think about and implement:


Packaging Dimensions - Size and Weight

The packaging dimensions you choose for your shipment make all the difference to your bottom line. As an eCommerce business, you could have multiple dimensions for your packages that may vary depending on the product type, size, and weight. You would even have to weigh in factors such as fragility, padding and protection. Taking into account all such factors, you might find that shifting from a cardboard box to bubble mailers can potentially reduce your packaging material. A lighter box will make the shipment lighter, ultimately reducing your costs. However, not all businesses can customize since there’s an added complexity of employing additional resources which ultimately comes at a cost. The question is, can a shipping company help solve this problem? We’ll find out!

“By switching from single-use packaging to reusable one, you can also make a difference and be remembered by your customers.”

Is reusable packaging an option?

The last few years have seen global warming levels spike. Never before have businesses and consumers felt the burning need to switch to more environment-friendly and sustainable materials. The same rings true for packaging. More and more businesses and brands are coming up with packaging materials that can be reused and recycled. Not only does it add to the value of the brand and appeal to the customers, but it also plays a part in making our ecosystem better. With grocery stores offering reusable bags and coffee shops encouraging reusable cups, you know you can’t be left behind. By switching from single-use packaging to reusable one, you can also make a difference and be remembered by your customers. However, this process does come with the hassle of coordinating with customers returning the empty packaging. 

Inbound shipments to the rescue!

So, how does reusing packaging materials from inbound shipments help you? There is the obvious benefit of reducing packaging costs. The other significant way it helps is by reducing the supplies that you need to buy. Since you’re reusing old packaging, you would need less items to package and ship a new item. This may include things like bubble wraps, paper, crinkled paper or even cloth or foam-based padding in some cases. However, like all other methods, these also come with their own set of challenges. For example, reusing boxes would mean you’d have to clean the labels and remove any previous markings on the boxes, which would take time and effort.


What is a 4D Boxing Algorithm?

The 4D boxing algorithm is a proprietary technology from eShipper that resolves all your packaging problems. When setup, the app calculates the best fitting box size based on what products your customers order. This also allows eShipper to display the most accurate rate to consumers at checkout since we’re calculating shipping rates based on the dimensions of the box(es) and combined weight of all products and packaging. If you’re showing live rates, this will allow you to avoid discrepancies with what the customer pays and what it actually costs to ship! The eShipper app for Shopify Canada integrates all the major carriers in the field and helps you save up to 70% on Shopify orders whether you’re shipping in Canada or abroad. 

You can integrate all your eCommerce stores on one platform, get real-time tracking and shipping updates, print your labels in one go and even add your logo to the packing slips. All you have to do is connect your Shopify store to the eShipper app and see the magic happen. What’s more, the next time you ship the same product again, you get pre-populated options and everything happens in just a few clicks. It’s that easy!

This algorithm works for both LTL and courier shipments. It’s a great solution for furniture and other oversized products that require them to be shipped on a pallet.”

We’re Here For You!

As a Shopify store owner, you know that every small detail makes a difference. With the government in Canada taking measures to help small businesses, Shopify Canada and local shipping companies such as eShipper have also come together to help you out. If you’re struggling with packaging, are new to this setup, or just want to reduce your packaging costs, contact us and get started for free. We’re in this together!

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