Canada to US Shipping: Top 5 eCommerce Shipping Tips to Follow Now

Komal Puri Jul 19, 2022 • 4 Min read

As the supply chain sector continues to develop and evolve, merchants must keep up with the latest logistics and shipping trends to remain competitive. 

Despite the supply chain interruptions caused by COVID-19, research reveals that the average order volume per merchant has jumped by 50%, indicating that the pandemic has aided in driving eCommerce sales. And after 2 years of disruptions, delivery times are anticipated to return to pre-pandemic levels. 

While you wait for the shipping industry to recover fully, there are steps you can take to stay ahead in the shipping game–and this is no less true for Canada to US shipping. We’ve put together all the tips you need to maximize your efficiency when shipping domestically and across the border.

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As one of the last client touchpoints, the delivery experience is critical for small businesses to get right on the first attempt.

Most SMBs, unlike big-box retailers or significant marketplaces, do not have the luxury of controlling their own logistics network. Instead, companies must work with various postal and expedited courier providers to reach their consumers, and in many situations, the shipping expenses will be borne by the customers.

Customer expectations for eCommerce delivery have shifted considerably over the last decade, with many customers now expecting rapid, flexible, and free Canada to US shipping services. And while many SMBs cannot offer both rapid and free delivery, they can gratify clients by providing solutions that, while paid, give actual value and are worth the cost of shipping.

eCommerce Shipping Tips to Adopt Now

  1. Focus on order management

From order receipt to processing and fulfillment, efficiency is everything. You can eliminate inventory issues, fulfill orders on schedule, and minimize mistakes with a solid order management system, whether it's included in your shipping software or not. This centralizes all of your vital data, allowing you to optimize your back-office processes and make data-driven business decisions.

  1. Clearly set customer expectations

If you’re not showing your customers exactly what to expect as they make a purchase, you risk losing them. Ensure your customers know when they should anticipate the delivery of their shipment, and clearly communicate shipping times and policies on your website to establish a flawless Canada to US shipping experience. 

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  1. Measure and update product weights

Make it a top priority to accurately update the weight of your items on your eCommerce platform. This is key to streamlining the process of shipping orders because it gives you a good sense of your total costs and makes it easier to charge your customers accurate shipping rates at checkout.

  1. Offer discounted or free Canada to US shipping

Whether you include the cost of delivery in your product pricing or not, make an attempt to provide free shipping to your clients. Most online shops fail to see the value of providing free delivery, which has a major impact on sales. 90% of buyers say that free shipping is one of the most important factors influencing their purchasing decisions, and research shows that it can directly increase revenue by 10% and significantly boost conversion rates. The bottom line is that meeting customer expectations around free shipping is good for business.

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  1. Make returns simple

You want consumers to be happy with their purchases from your business every time, but the truth is that some product categories see more returns than others – think of sizing or colors that look different on a computer screen. Occasionally, returns are unavoidable, such as when items are defective or damaged. The good news is that a return process that works for your customer is a win for you. They'll remember your excellent customer service and hassle-free return process the next time they shop. 

If you're worried about the returns procedure, work with a reputable logistics partner to develop an effective, large-scale approach. Don’t know where to start?

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