Timing is Everything: Expedited Logistics and Freight Technology

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Noor AI Abid Jul 28, 2017 • 4 min read
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It’s pretty easy to see that in the transportation and logistics industry, timing is paramount to success. In fact, some might argue that speed and efficiency are the most important factors to consider in this field. 

However, speed and efficiency are only valuable when they can be done with as much accuracy as possible.

Wondering how you can speed up processes and expedited logistics and freight technology? The answer lies in cutting-edge freight technology. Recent years have shown vast developments in the freight shipping industry and softwares, all with the goal of making processes swifter and as error-free as possible. Here are some examples of these advances.

Digital Pricing Comparisons - More Time, Less Stress

You don’t  need to get in touch with carriers on an individual basis anymore. No extracting pricing demands and getting involved in stressful negotiations. With today’s technology, you can use cloud-based platforms to view rates from various carriers in one streamlined database. Data is always updated to match the latest pricing changes, so you know exactly what you’re getting. Remember, time is money – so anywhere you can save a little time can positively affect your bottom line.

A Transpartent RelationSHIP

Instead of worrying about the extra shipping costs that come with products you order from vendors, you can easily set up your own shipping. The costs are more transparent and you won't be burdened by a company sending you a huge shipping bill. Many leading digital platforms enable you to book a pick-up time for the product and generate a returns label, leading to a less time consuming and more efficient transaction.

Seamless Tracking

Modern freight automation allows you to easily track your shipments the same way you would with courier platforms. This means you can stay in the loop on where your shipment is at all times and enjoy full transparency along the way. A boon for planning and organization, this tracking ability is an exciting opportunity for the industry professional who loves to plan as far ahead as possible.

Support That Doesn’t Cease

Eliminating stress and pressure can do wonders for your efficiency and quality of work. This is where having access to a well-equipped support team comes in handy. Having the ability to consult with your dedicated in-house support staff can make all the difference in your levels of productivity and ability to easily navigate inevitable troubles. Issue resolution becomes as easy as pie and you’ll be able to stay in the know in unprecedented ways.

Easy Analytics

Need to do some data analytics to improve your business strategy? No problem! Today’s freight technology gives you the opportunity to quickly generate beautiful, well-organized data analytics reports so you can see exactly how your current approach is performing and make any necessary adjustments.

Streamlined Invoicing - Cut Down the Time You Spend Sorting

Triple the efficiency of your billing department through the centralized invoicing functionality that comes with many automated freight shipping platforms. Eliminating messy documents and  cutting the time it takes to sort and search through these papers will significantly improve the productivity of the department – and help you receive payment faster.

Interested in investing in a top-of-the-line automated freight shipping platform? eShipperis your #1 choice in North America. We offer all of the above advantages, and more. If you’d like to learn more about what we can do for your organization, contact one of our consultants toll-free at 1-877-373-9222 or online. For more information on freightology, check out our guide on freight driven by technology.

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