The Personalization Trend is Changing the Online Retail Game

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Noor AI Abid Aug 16, 2018 • 3 min read
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When big online retailers and services first adopted personalization as a strategy, they tapped into their big data reserves. Netflix leveraged the data history of its users to implement artificial intelligence technologies that offered up personalized viewing suggestions. Major insurers personalized customer quotes. Publications prompted readers to consider other articles based on personal preferences. Retailers used data to personalize customer loyalty perks like reduced prices on favorite items. They offered location-based shipping options that prioritized local and regional shipping companies, like Canada, saving money for Canada-based businesses and consumers.

Consumers have come to expect this type of white glove approach from most online services and retailers, which forces smaller retailers to provide the same type of services to stay competitive. But staying competitive need not be a major financial burden. With the right partners and tools, small retailers can provide personalized services without negatively impacting their budgets.

Small Retailers Remain Competitive

Prior to the rise of big data and machine learning, smaller businesses maintained personalization the old-fashioned way, through emails and instant message exchanges with valued customers. But pre-cloud, pre-big data existence was slower, less scalable and less meaningful to younger shoppers. Newer cost-effective tools with built-in insights and data-visualization assist small retailers, enabling them to leverage personalization much like their bigger competitors.

Websites are capable of integrating plug-ins much more smoothly than they did in the past. Partnering with third-party platforms, like eShipper, enables small online retailers to provide customers with effortless online shopping experiences that feature a personalized touch and offer customized shipping services that include international shipping companies, courier services and shipping companies in Canada and throughout the world.

Applying Personalization Tools Throughout Your Business

Aside from integrating with major shopping carts like Shopify, Etsy, Magenta and Joomla, eShipper's personalized options are available on the business-end. SmarteLogistix is a single platform solution that connects your customers' shopping carts with multiple-carrier shipping options and provides your customers with accurate quotes. Once the order is placed, SmarteLogistix updates your inventory, generates the appropriate shipping labels, stores invoices and generally streamlines all of a small business' shipping needs with a tailored solution and not a generic formula.  

If you are a small business seeking to cater to your customer's expectations by offering white-glove shipping and courier services, then please contact us.

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