Straight Poker Supplies

Sarah Kermalli
Sarah Kermalli Jan 10, 2017 • 2 min read
Shipping Company

Client Snapshot

Straight Poker Supplies is the number one source for Poker and gaming products across North America. The company was founded in Canada in 2004 and sells over a thousand products, ranging from Poker tables to popcorn machines and everything in-between.

The Challenge

  • Unreliable shipping methods, mistakes on shipping labels resulting in late or missed shipments to customers
  • Difficulty negotiating shipping rates with carriers due to the seasonal nature of the business, only selling in the fall and winter months

The Solution

eShipper enabled Straight Poker Supplies to finally gain control of their shipping process. The company is now able to process and track shipments and send return labels to suppliers with accurate information, no delays and greater consistency. Whenever they require any assistance, they know that their Dedicated Customer Service Representative will prioritize their request, and that they can reach an eShipper representative around the clock, throughout the entire year. With eShipper’s pre-negotiated shipping rates with all the major carriers, Straight Poker Supplies was able to ship seasonally while maintaining consistency throughout their shipping costs.

The Result

Straight Poker Supplies noticed a drastic difference in their business after signing up with eShipper. Deadlines have been consistently met, and customer feedback regarding their shipments has been overwhelmingly positive. The company managed to significantly lower their shipping time and costs. With the help of eShipper, Straight Poker Supplies has been able to overcome a massive hurdle its business.

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