Shipping in Canada this holiday season? Here’s what you should know

Imran Kermalli
Imran Kermalli Nov 17, 2016 • 3 min read
holiday shipping in Canada

Our holiday gifts were barely opened last year before the major carriers began planning for this season’s gigantic logistical undertaking. By the time 2017 arrives, millions of parcels will have crisscrossed Canada to reach their happy recipients.

Couriers like FedEx, UPS, Purolator, DHL, and Aramex are geared up to meet the challenge and are ready for shipping in Canada this holiday season.

Are you as ready as they are?

Putting together a holiday shipping schedule is not unlike completing a puzzle. Customers count on you to get their gift orders to them in time for the holidays. And if they’re anything like us, they are likely to think of a few last-minute must-haves.

The more prepared you are; in other words, the faster you can process their orders, the more likely you will be to meet the Canadian holiday shipping deadlines―and score big with thankful customers.

  • Know the ship-dates for each holiday. This year Hanukkah begins on Saturday, Dec. 24, setting the stage for a very busy week leading up to the big holiday weekend. Some couriers like FedEx and UPS have published their holiday schedules (see Fedex here, UPS here, and Purolator here) while others are holding off on making it official online. A quick call to customer service will help you straighten out the details.
  • Share last-order dates with your customers. These dates should take into account your own processing time. Again, speed is good for business. FedEx Standard Overnight, for instance, needs to ship by Thursday, Dec. 22, in order to arrive before Christmas Day, Dec. 25, which falls on a Sunday this year.
  • Prepare to run like a well-oiled machine: The holiday season is no time to work on your learning curve. You might as well pretend you’re preparing to run a marathon. Think planning, practice, and execution. Order your packaging materials well in advance based on your sales last year. Keep them handy and organized. Do as much pre-packing as you possibly can, lining up thank-you cards and anything else you intend to include.

If navigating the maze of shipping options sounds too time-consuming, eShipper is here to take the work off your hands. We’re your direct link to the best couriers and most competitive shipping rates. Please click here to learn more about us or contact us for more information.

Due to the high volume of shipping, UPS has announced that the number of packages that need to be picked-up must be specified (you can do this on eShipper after placing your order). Also, UPS is only picking up packages with pick-up confirmation numbers.

So that everything goes smoothly, please be sure to specify the number of packages for pick-up, and that you have pick-up confirmation numbers for your packages.  This can all be done  via eShipper.

Any questions or just need some help?  We are here! Contact us

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