Pir Cosmetics

Sarah Kermalli blog author
Sarah Kermalli Aug 25, 2017 • 3 min read
Cosmetics Shipping Services

Client Snapshot

Pir Cosmetics is leading supplier of skincare, bath & body and haircare products in Canada. Since 2012, Pir Cosmetics has featured a multitude of makeup and skincare products through its online website and physical location in downtown Toronto.

The Challenges

  • Looking for a company that could consolidate all their weekly credit card transactions for shipping and invoice them for all their shipments at the end of the week, instead of having multiple credit card charges every time they processed a shipment
  • Searching for a company that could offer them competitive rates on courier shipments within Canada and USA

The Solution

eShipper implemented a customized program to invoice Pir Cosmetics at the end of every week for all their shipping transactions and provided them with a dedicated accounting contact for specific payment-related requests. The platform enabled them to compare rates from multiple national carriers at rates only high-volume shippers would otherwise enjoy.

The Results

Having a dedicated accounting contact at eShipper has allowed Pir Cosmetics to streamline the reconciliation of their weekly shipping orders and provided a credit facility allowing for easy transparency into their invoices. eShipper’s low rates enabled their products to be sold at extremely competitive rates in the marketplace, allowing higher customer retention and satisfaction.

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