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Sarah Kermalli
Sarah Kermalli Aug 02, 2016 • 4 min read
Courier Services

10 characteristics of a winning courier company.

When it comes to courier companies, you have a lot of choices; in Canada alone, there are more than 2,400! For your business, it is important to know that companies differ on things like pricing, reliability, and customer service. Both your bottom line and your peace of mind depend on finding an awesome courier company – one that meets the needs of your business. So, how can you identify which company is right for your business? We’ve created a list to help you out. 

1. Customer Service

It is frustrating to use a service that doesn’t provide support when you need it most. When you need support, you don’t want to put on hold for minutes at a time, or be stuck trying to talk with an automated customer service line. When you need help, you need help – at that very moment. Choose a courier company that offers stellar customer service, and help from a knowledgeable person in real-time.

2. Reliability

Your business’ reputation depends on your products getting to your customers safely and on time. A good courier should understand this and be as reliable as the rising sun.

3. Communication

You don’t want to be left in the dark — especially if issues arise. Choose a courier company that emphasizes open and timely communication.

4. Capability

Understand the capabilities of a courier service before you engage with them. Make sure that they can handle the sizes and volume of the packages that you need to send. If the company is only able to handle some of your products, they may not be a good fit.

5. Insurance

Select a courier that has an insurance policy to cover any loss or damage. Be sure to check the amount and understand what the policy covers.

6. Tracking

You need to know where your package is so that you can provide your customers with excellent customer service. Choose a company that offers tracking.

7. Delivery Options

A courier company should offer several delivery options, and should work with you to identify which option is the most cost-effective and will best suit your needs.

8. Availability

Select a company that is available when you need them. For example, if you are most likely to need a courier on the weekends, make sure the company you choose is available then.

9. Fee Structure

There is a time for surprises – and this isn’t one of them. The fee structure should be clear and easy to understand. There should be no hidden fees.

10. Geographic Scope

Select a company that meets your business’ needs. If you are shipping locally, find someone who excels at that. If you need to ship both domestically and internationally, find a company that can deliver to locations around the globe.

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