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Imran Kermalli
Imran Kermalli Jun 08, 2017 • 5 min read
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With the market's expanding need for personalization and convenience, subscription boxes are becoming increasingly popular; there are hundreds of boxes listed at CrateJoy, from Say It with a Sock, which contains awesome socks for young children, to Enjoy Leggings for teenagers.

But if you could ask the mirror on the wall which is the most popular kind of subscription box of all, it would not hesitate to tell you that it is the beauty subscription box business that rules the land.  

If you have a beauty subscription box that you need to market we can help get you started.


Make it ridiculously easy for your customers to create a profile with their preferences that you can use to customize the contents of their beauty subscription box. You might use playful language to describe various types of hair, for example, “curly hair that reacts wildly to humidity” or “hair so thin I barely notice it on my head.”

Visuals work well, too: Have your customers create an avatar, choosing hair type, skin type, description and so on.

Give newcomers an incentive

A customer may be wildly attracted to your products but new to ordering subscription boxes: Making their first order less expensive – or even free – makes it much easier for them to click on your “Get Your July Box” button.

In fact, the popular beauty subscription box, BirchBox is currently offering 10% off a first purchase to anyone who signs up for their newsletter, and Julep will give you your first box for free when you sign up for a subscription.

Never win anything? 

Did you know that the average online business bumps its fans by 34% by holding a contest? Take Vegan Cuts, for example, a subscription box service that offers cruelty free beauty products and snacks, that is boosting its number of followers by offering them a chance to win a free subscription box, just for signing up to their email list!

Wow, they only cost how much?

Beauty subscriptions boxes can be luxurious and high-end, but they can also be imaginative and fun and cost only $10 a month, like the uber popular Ipsy. Teenage girls love Ipsy subscription beauty boxes, and their reasonable price point means that they can afford them.

If your offerings come to you at low-price points, you might consider presenting your beauty box as a superb offering for a small amount of money.

Huh. I had no idea that dusty pink lipstick is recommended for my skin tone

It is fun to learn new things, and quizzes that ask you about your look – the colour of your eyes, the tone of your skin, the thickness of your lips, and so on – and then suggest products that will transform your face, even a little,  are wildly popular on social media platforms like Facebook. Ipsy has a well-designed quiz that supplies them with enough information to customize your beauty subscription boxes.

Coupon codes rock

Do your best to make your customers smile when they sign on to your eCommerce store by offering them a coupon code that will give them a discount on a purchase or add free stuff to their purchase.

One more thing

We referred to a few outrageously successful producers of beauty subscription boxes in this article because it is important to be in the know in this market sector. Read about what your competitors are doing – all of the time – and make sure that you are keeping up. The 2017 winter arrived with smudged lipstick, meant to give us all that “just-kissed” look, for example, and the best beauty box subscriptions immediately tied into this trend. 

eShipper stands ready to provide you with practical, low-cost shipping solutions for your subscription box business. Why not contact us today? Our hassle-free systems allows you to process your shipments using just one application, and your subscription boxes will arrive on your customer’s doorstep on time, and looking beautiful

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