Ingersoll Machine Tool Inc. IMT

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Sarah Kermalli Jan 06, 2017 • 2 min read
Shipping Services

Client Snapshot

IMT was originally founded to produce soap in 1914. Now they specialize in manufacturing gears for boating and automotive industries, evolving into producing large calibre ammunition shells. The company is publicly traded on the TSX, and now work with many reputable global defense organizations.

The Challenges

  • Lack of structure within their small package shipping process
  • Too many people involved in the shipping process, resulting in decreased productivity and increased risk of error
  • Manually finding and comparing inconsistent rates from carriers

The Solution

eShipper created a tailored solution for IMT, training executives within the company on how best to oversee and manage small parcel activity, and how to use the simple eShipper platform to pull reports that tracked activities and expenditures. This process was streamlined across the initial 5 IMT locations, and training was completed on-site over a 2-week period. Aside from better control over their shipping process, IMT enjoyed the consolidation of rates, so that they could view all carriers and prices on one page without having to manually compare them, as well as the consolidated invoice, making payments easy to keep track of.

The Result

Within the first month after completing the training period, IMT was able to cut down the number of people engaged in the shipping process, allowing the rest of their employees to focus on growing their bottom line. eShipper also enabled IMT to save 20% in shipping costs each month.

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