How to Work Summer Slowdowns to Your Advantage

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Noor AI Abid Jul 27, 2018 • 4 min read

Sometimes when the weather outside heats up, sales slow down. As much as we wish our businesses were privy to a constant stream of clients and revenue, it is during the slow periods that we can utilize the extra time allotted to revamp the business and focus on social media or ourselves. Here is a look at four ways we can take the lemons from the summer slowdown and turn them into profitable lemonade.

1. Revamp the Business

Having free time is never a bad thing, even in business. Businesses are similar to machines in that they require maintenance, upkeep, and the occasional improvement. Sometimes these processes are put on the back burner during the busy months. There are several simple measures that can increase efficiency, productivity, and sales. By integrating a paperless system, you lower costs while helping the environment. Many businesses are seeing the advantage of turning to a cloud-based system. Documents are more secure and accessible from anywhere anytime. Your mobile phone can be your best tool for keeping track of your business, contacts, employees, contracts, and cash flow. By utilizing a cloud-based system, you might actually be able to take a vacation or relax once in a while.

Slow times are also the best time for an office or store revamp. Even the quickest maintenance jobs or renovations can detract from business or have unexpected delays; so these jobs are best saved for the slow months. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint, a new chair or some new artwork can make a big impression on clients and business investors. They see the refreshed office and assume it is a reflection of success. 

2. Engage Social Media

Social media is not just for our personal social lives. Businesses need to put themselves out there too. By creating a Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram account, you can inform both old and new clients that your business is still relevant. Think about social media as very inexpensive advertising. It takes a little time to setup and then a little upkeep but it can have huge payoffs. For example, a bakery can post some elaborate photos of unicorn inspired cupcakes and develop a huge following, even creating a food craze that other bakeries are inspired by. There are numerous possibilities and advantages with social media. You can advertise a summer-themed sale, products or create a holiday individual to your business, like "Annual Unicorn Day." You may even consider hosting a contest. For example, "Who can make the most beautiful cupcake?" Service-based businesses may also consider hosting a webinar. They are quick and easy to setup but they can inform potential clients valuable information about your business.  

3. Prepare for the Busy Season

There are several things a business must do aside from the day-to-day operations. By meeting with a tax or financial advisor you can prepare for tax season or see if there are areas that you can work on revenue-wise. Perhaps there are certain goods or services that your business has been over-paying for. Take shipping for example. You can consult with a service like eShipper and save money on shipping and other services which can quickly add up. You can also take this valuable time to seek out new vendors or perhaps, rework previous contracts with old vendors. Maybe this is a good time to refresh your skills or expertise in your area of business. New trends are constantly emerging no matter what industry you work in. 

4. Recharge your Batteries

This may seem obvious but sometimes the slow season is a great chance to catch your breath. No one can work full-steam nonstop. Sometimes the downtime is the best time to take a break. What better time is there for a mini or long vacation, to revisit friends and family or update areas within your life outside of work. This is a great time to finally repaint the bathroom or take that cooking class you have always been curious about. It is during these times that you may find an unexpected networking opportunity or inspiration for your business. The better you feel, the more productive you can be when the busy season kicks back in again.

There you have it. Sometimes the slow season may seem like a negative but there are numerous possibilities on how you can take the added free time and work it to your advantage. For more information on ways that you can improve your business during the summer slowdown, contact us at eShipper, your sales experts.

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