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Mo Datoo Mar 29, 2016 • 3 min read
eCustomer service - are you doing it

Successful entrepreneur and writer Derek Sivers has inspired the world of business with his creativity and ability to connect with others. To Sivers,

"Customer service is the new marketing." And since so much is digital, it's eCustomer service, we're really talking about.

Our world agrees. Jason DeMers, a contributor to Forbes magazine, noted that 88% of customers are influenced by online reviews regarding their overall experience with a particular company. The decision process that leads to a sale is not always as rational as we assume. Researchers have estimated that roughly half of customer satisfaction is a result of the type of emotions a vendor induces when interacting with the consumer.

Companies worldwide have taken this truth into account, and they have made efforts to appeal to a customer's emotions by adopting fair policies and teaching their employees the significance of simple gestures of courtesy. The formula is simple: happy consumers mean more profit. Web-based businesses are prone to overlook this, as it is difficult to perceive the feelings of a customer thousands of miles away.

Here are some simple solutions to ensure that your eCommerce company puts a smile on your customer's face.

While you cannot hand out cookies and lemonade to consumers over an electronic medium, find a way to show that your company appreciates their business and cares about their satisfaction. Remember that the buyer should never feel at fault. For example, if a customer orders a jacket that is too large, do not undercompensate. Send them a smaller size with free shipping, even if it means losing some profit. A happy customer's review will make up for it.

Stories of warm-hearted acts spread like wildfire. It is both inspiring to readers and promotional for your business. For direct examples, check out these stories documented in the enthralling Mental Floss magazine.

Selling quality items or services is obvious. Yes, it is perfectly understandable to edit photos of your product so that they look appealing on your website, but do not go overboard. We all like to know exactly what we are paying for. Disappointment in the quality of products can be dangerous to a brand's reputation, as negative reviews are almost sure to follow. So be authentic. If your product is made of plastic, then embrace it! Describe and depict the plastic in a way that is both honest and irresistible to buyers. Transparency ensures that when the item is delivered, a consumer will be satisfied and perhaps pleasantly surprised by the quality of the product, increasing the chances of scoring recommendations and positive reviews.

Buyers are thrilled when their package arrives immediately for an affordable rate. In some cases, shipping speed could be the difference between a successful sale and the customer losing interest in your company altogether. Give them the option of one-day shipping, or maybe free shipping on expensive orders. There is nothing more frustrating than late goods. Thousands of online shoppers have abandoned their loyalty to Amazon due to the unreasonably slow standard shipping. Find a shipping company that you can rely upon, ideally with a cutting-edge tracking system that can ship your products internationally in record time.

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