How LFG Foods saved 40% on shipping costs within a month

Sarah Kermalli blog author
Sarah Kermalli Aug 25, 2017 • 2 min read
Shipping services

Client snapshot

LCG Foods is a successful Canadian Owned and operated online B2B distributor of health and specialty products. They sell their products to over 300 retailers across Canada, and enable brand owners to sell to their customers directly online.

The Challenge

  • Brick and mortar shipping process, conflicting with the company’s web-based culture and negatively impacting productivity
  • Verbal quotes from carriers over the phone would not reflect final invoices, leading to the company often getting overcharged on shipping

The Solution

After signing up to eShipper, LCG Foods witnessed a rapid transformation in its shipping procedure. Through the eShipper platform, the company was able to create all of their shipments and schedule pickups right from a desktop computer. eShipper’s Multiple Rates function enabled LCG Foods to compare and choose from a pool of competitive carrier rates all on one page, saving the company both time and money on shipments. Tedious paperwork was replaced by an eShipper-generated Single Invoice at the end of each month, regardless of how many shipments were made and how many different carriers were used. Tracking was made far easier, as the company now only needed to log into one platform to track all of their shipments.

The Results

By the end of the first month, LCG Foods enjoyed a significant reduction in shipping time, as instantaneous online shipping replaced long-drawn phone calls and arguments over quoting discrepancies. In addition, the company was able to easily keep track of its shipping invoices and activities, contributing to increased levels of productivity. LCG Foods was also able to save 20-40% on shipping costs within a month of signing up to eShipper and looks forward to a continued strong working relationship with eShipper.

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