How Important is Black Friday for Canadians?

Oct 26, 2023 • read

As we approach Black Friday in 2023, it's essential for eCommerce business owners in Canada to understand the significance of this promotional period. 

In this article, we will explore the impact of Black Friday on Canadian eCommerce, offering valuable insights and practical tips for business owners looking to maximize their success during this crucial shopping event.

Black Friday: A Uniquely American Phenomenon?

Contrary to popular belief, Black Friday is not limited to the United States. Over the past decade, this shopping extravaganza has transcended borders and taken Canada by storm.

Years ago, many Canadians even travelled across the border to take advantage of Black Friday bargains.

But with the growth of online shipping, everyone gained access to a global marketplace from the comfort of their own living room (here in Canada, or the US). Canadian businesses were pitted against a wide range of discounted products south of the border, all available with just a simple click.

It was a classic case of "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em," so retailers started offering Black Friday sales, both in their brick-and-mortar stores and online. This change in attitude towards Black Friday eventually led to the adoption of Cyber Monday in both countries, happening almost simultaneously.

Let's Take a Look at the Statistics!

Shopping Trends

Consumers in Canada now eagerly anticipate the deals and discounts offered by both local and international retailers. 

Shopping Trends

In 2022, 80% of Canadians planned to participate in Black Friday shopping, either in stores or online. As the pandemic has accelerated the shift towards online shopping, it is now even more critical for eCommerce store owners, with 75% of Canadians choosing online shopping for Black Friday. 

Shipping Trends

The rise of Black Friday in Canada has profound implications for the supply chain and shipping industry. As consumers flock to online stores for holiday shopping, the demand for efficient and timely delivery surges. 

This necessitates a well-planned shipping strategy to meet customer expectations. With the peak holiday season fast approaching, logistics providers like Canada Post must handle an increased volume of parcels, putting pressure on delivery schedules.

As always, free shipping is king, with 82% of Canadian shippers noting they will shop more often with retailers who offer free shipping.

Consumer Trends

Canadian consumers prioritize two main factors when it comes to shipping: cost and speed. But what is also important is providing them with shipping transparency.

Research shows that 46% of shoppers are influenced to shop with a retailer that provides an expected delivery date.

Businesses that can offer competitive shipping rates, timely deliveries, and communicate effectively with their customers have a significant advantage during the Black Friday rush. 

What This Means for Your eCommerce Business

To make the most of Black Friday and ensure a smooth shopping experience for your customers, you have to prepare.

What This Means for Your eCommerce Business

Here are some essential tips for eCommerce business owners:

  1. Early Planning and Inventory Management

Begin by analyzing your sales data from previous years to forecast demand. Stock up on bestsellers and consider introducing limited-time offers. Partnering with a reliable 3PL can help streamline inventory management, ensuring products are ready for quick shipping.

  1. Optimized Website Performance

With high traffic expected, make sure your website is robust and can handle the surge. This includes checking load times, mobile responsiveness, and ensuring that the checkout process is seamless.

Mobile devices are now the most popular vehicle for shoppers, attributed to 70% of Black Friday’s traffic in 2022. Now is the time to make sure your website is optimized for mobile!

  1. Strategic Marketing and Promotion

Start your Black Friday promotions early. When consumers receive promotional messages in September, they are 3 times more likely to buy products and services during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. 

Use email campaigns, social media, and paid ads to build anticipation. Exclusive sneak peeks or early access for loyal customers can create buzz.

  1. Diversified Shipping Options

Today’s customers expect fast and flexible shipping options. Working with a 3PL can provide an array of shipping solutions, from same-day deliveries to international shipping, ensuring customer satisfaction.

  1. Extended Return Policies

Consider offering an extended return policy for the holiday season. This can instill confidence in shoppers and might be the nudge to finalize a purchase.

  1. Enhanced Customer Support

Be ready to handle queries, complaints, and feedback promptly. Live chat, FAQs, and a helpline can make the shopping experience smoother for your customers and lead to higher customer satisfaction.

  1. Bundling and Up-Selling

Create product bundles at discounted rates or offer complementary products at checkout. This not only increases the average order value but also enhances the shopping experience.

  1. Stay Agile and Get Support

Even with the best planning, unforeseen challenges can arise. Whether it's a product going viral or an unexpected shipping bottleneck, having a 3PL partner can provide the flexibility and resources to adapt quickly.

  1. Post-Black Friday Analysis

Once the frenzy is over, take the time to review your sales data, customer feedback, and any operational challenges. This will not only help in planning for upcoming sales events around Christmas, but will also provide invaluable insights for the next Black Friday.

  1. Build Long-Term Relationships

Black Friday is not just about one-off sales – use this opportunity to build lasting relationships. Personalized thank you notes, loyalty programs, or post-purchase offers can turn one-time shoppers into lifelong customers.

Wrapping Up

While Black Friday offers immense potential, success hinges on thorough preparation and agility. 

Partnering with a third-party logistics company can alleviate many operational challenges, allowing you to focus on what you do best: offering great products and creating memorable shopping experiences.

To ensure you're ready for the big event, reach out to us at eShipper. We can help you optimize your supply chain, so you can fully embrace the opportunities that Black Friday presents. 

Don't miss out on the Black Friday boom – prepare, plan, and prosper!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the significance of Black Friday in Canada?

A: Black Friday in Canada signifies the start of the holiday shopping season, with consumers eagerly seeking deals and discounts, both online and in physical stores.

Q: Does Black Friday delay shipping?

A: Black Friday can lead to delays in shipping, as the high volume of orders puts additional pressure on logistics and delivery services.

Q: Why did Canadian retailers begin holding Black Friday sales?

A: Canadian retailers began holding Black Friday sales to compete with American retailers and keep Canadian shoppers from crossing the border in search of deals.

Q: Do packages move on Black Friday?

A: Yes, packages continue to move on Black Friday. However, the high volume of shipments may lead to delays in processing and delivery.

Q: What is the biggest sale of the year in Canada?

A: Black Friday and Cyber Monday are the biggest sales events of the year in Canada.

Q: Do Black Friday deals last all week?

A: Black Friday deals often extend beyond a single day, with many retailers offering discounts and promotions throughout the week, leading up to and following Black Friday.

Q: What happens if you overnight a package on Friday?

A: If you overnight a package on Friday, it should arrive on the following business day, which is typically Monday. However, during peak holiday seasons like Black Friday, you should check with the shipping provider for any potential delays.

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