eCommerce Marketing Tips: Celebrate Workers With Labour Day Sales

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Noor AI Abid Aug 22, 2017 • 4 min read

Labour Day began in Toronto, Canada in 1872, and then made its way to New York City. A parade of about 10,000 workers took the day off, without pay, to enjoy a concert, inspiring speeches and a simple picnic.

It was 145 years ago when those parading workers started their march at city hall in New York City, and they would not recognize the modern Labour Day, when we still celebrate by gathering to enjoy food with family and friends – but we shop.

Labour Day sales are an American tradition, and that tradition has moved online, with major e-tailers slashing prices to woo buyers.

As an online retailer, how can you help to celebrate workers by offering your customers exceptional value on this historic day?

How About Picking Up Their Shipping Tab?

Here is a challenge for you! Try to guess the value of merchandise that was left in abandoned cyber shopping carts in 2016. It was 4 trillion USD. (Don’t worry, not many in eCommerce realize that shoppers abandon their virtual shopping carts in such numbers.)

And the most common reason that shoppers abandon their carts is that the shopper thinks that the shipping costs are too high.  

Here are 3 reasons to offer free shipping on Labour Day

Increase Your Conversions

As an online retailer, you are competing with brick-and-mortar shops that are throwing extravagant sales, where their customers walk out the front door, clutching their purchases, without having to think about shipping costs. Why not level the playing field?

Gain New Customers

A whopping 88% of customers say they would consider shopping at an eCommerce site because it offers free shipping. Give potential customers who are enjoying a day free of work a great reason to check out your eCommerce site.

Get Rid of Unwanted Inventory

Most eCommerce businesses have accumulated some stagnant inventory that has stopped selling, but is taking up space. If you charge regular shipping rates for products that are priced to sell, you are unlikely to be successful. Would you pay, say, $8 in shipping fees to buy $20 worth of products?

eShipper can play a part in your Labour Day celebrations by offering you a portal to low shipping rates. And we can help you to devise a shipping strategy that goes far beyond a Labour Day sale – one that moves you closer toward a business model that includes regular free shipping. 

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