Differentiating Your Customer Service Strategy from Your Competitors

Sarah Kermalli
Sarah Kermalli Jun 14, 2017 • 4 min read
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To be truly great at what you do you have to be true to yourself. If you are a writer, and you slide your laptop onto a table in a café and start to type, mimicking the voice of that brilliant guy sitting next to you, you will never succeed. Because that is his voice, and you have to do the work to find your own.

Similarly, your customer service strategy should not be ripped off from another company either because you have to offer your customers service that reflects who you are and what you do.

Authenticity has never been more important to customers than it is now. Millennials are famously mistrustful of overt advertising and seek interactions with brands that feel real to them.

So how do you build a customer service strategy that is all you?

Begin by trusting data. If you evaluate data through the lens of your instinct, spouting out remarks like, “That just doesn’t sound right, does it,” you must evolve. Sure, if you receive some data that seems wacky, you should check it out, but technology connected to the Internet can provide companies with remarkable amounts of data about their customers – and really knowing your customer helps you to interact with them in a unique way.

Tailor the customer experience to the customer

As you collect data about your customers, you will be able to group similar customers together, and create a profile for them, called a buyer persona. If you sell to a buyer persona who uses the Internet but is not comfortable in the medium, why not simplify things for them, using larger font sizes and simple forms on your website?

And it is unlikely that a millennial customer persona will respond to the same style of language as a baby boomer customer persona, so tailor your marketing emails to each group.

Invest in new technologies

Technology changes: Forbes magazine recently published an article reporting that 80% of American businesses either use artificial intelligence (AI) in customer service or are planning to by 2020, and that in China, a front-end bot that handles the first level of customer contact is now conversing with between 1.5 and 2 million customers per day.  

 The point here is that technology can help you to build real relationships with your customers, to learn about what they want, what they need, and what they absolutely don’t like.

One last comment

If you collect and analyze useful data about your customers, invest in new channels that allow them to easily connect with you. If you tailor your interactions with your customers, always remembering that you are dealing with a human being who, at the end of the interaction, just wants to feel happy; you will stand out.

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