Clearbanc X eShipper

Viktor Runov Feb 24, 2020 • 2 min read
Shipping Services

Today, eShipper, Canada's largest online shipping aggregator, announced a new partnership with Clearbanc, the fastest, most affordable way for founders to fund their business.

Traditional funding options all come with a cost, especially when starting a new business venture. Raising VC risks giving up control of your company. If you go to a bank you risk losing your house. If you decide to bootstrap with credit cards you’re risking your credit score. If you do nothing, you risk losing market share to your competition.

Then, once you've finally gathered the capital you need to run a functional business, you'll have the stress of fulfilling your orders, keeping track of inventory, and keeping shipping costs low in order to stay competitive and retain customers.

Over the last four years, Clearbanc provided $10K - $10M investments in 2000+ companies using data science to identify high-growth funding opportunities in less than 24 hours. The partnership comes naturally, as the majority of eShipper's 20,000+ customer base is formed by online businesses and startups with an increasing need to secure investment opportunities. Meanwhile, Clearbanc's customers range from small online businesses across the United States, Canada, and UK to fast growing consumer brands looking for a reliable fulfillment partner to scaleand keep up with growing demands.

The announcement of this new partnerships allows Clearbanc customers to:

  • Save up to 70% off on shipping costs
  • Formulate custom shipping strategies for every season
  • Increase customer retention with simple shipping integrations, returns managements, and expedited or same day shipping options
  • Get full access to eShipper+, eShipper’s eCommerce fulfillment centre specializing in fulfilling online orders for crowdfunding, subscription boxes, and Amazon FBA prep
  • Have dedicated account managers invested in the growth of their business

Founded by Dragons’ Den's Michele Romanow, Clearbanc invests in companies without giving up equity or risking personal assets. eShipper's customers will now have access to financing up to $10M for key business expenses including ads, office space rentals, and inventory in less than 24 hours

To learn more about eShipper and Clearbanc's partnership, and how you can get access to financing or scalable shipping & fulfillment, contact

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