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Mo Datoo Jun 01, 2016 • 2 min read
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E-commerce trends in Canada are in for 2015 are in, and they show that the domestic trends are looking up year-on-year. We have reached a point in online retail sales that should make Canada proud; the national infrastructure for e-commerce delivery is now in place end-to-end with $1.2 Billion raised in capital flowing into startups and services.

The prime example of success in Canadian e-commerce startups is Shopify, which integrates payment feature directly into client websites and leads e-commerce globally. Shipping companies in Canada also have ample capacity to support e-commerce domestically and internationally.

A recent report by Canada Post breaks down the rates of growth for e-commerce nationally. The report reveals that in 2015 e-commerce grew by an annual rate of fifteen percent overall. E-Commerce Growth By Sector

Canadian consumers are increasing their purchases of retail merchandise, which breaks down by segment to show sporting goods in the lead:

  • Sporting goods – up 31%
  • Fashion – up 22%
  • Consumer mass merchandise – up 17%
  • Housewares and furnishings – up 7%

E-Commerce Growth By Region

While growth was the order of the day throughout the provinces, the most rapid growth occurred in Southern Ontario, Halifax NS, Vancouver and Victoria in BC.

  • Edmonton – 12%
  • Halifax – 18%
  • Kitchener – 21%
  • London – 23%
  • Montreal – 12%
  • Ottawa – 12%
  • Quebec City – 13%
  • Saskatoon – 15%
  • Toronto – 18%
  • Vancouver – 19%
  • Victoria – 17%
  • Winnipeg – 13%

The Resources That Deliver Products and Experiences

Customers are becoming more comfortable making purchases online and more sophisticated about finding bargains and expect excellent service. The need for a great customer experience has never been more urgent. Fortunately, Canadian e-commerce companies can look to courier services and international shipping companies in Canada for fulfillment and shipping services. If you have an e-commerce business in Canada, contact us to learn about our end-to-end fulfillment and delivery solutions.

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