Breaking Down the Customs Process for International Shipping

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Noor AI Abid Sep 12, 2018 • 2 min read
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Shipping internationally can seem like a daunting task. Between the rules and the fees, it could have your eyes crossed in no time. Luckily, eShipper can help guide you through the process. In the meantime, here are a few things you should know about.


The necessary documentation will vary depending on which country you are shipping to. The parcels value and particular details will affect what you need as well. Some items could be restricted or require extra paperwork depending on where they are going. You also need to be sure your goods are not considered dangerous. There are many items on the dangerous items list that would not be expected. Using a service such as eShipper will benefit you by using their 20 years of knowledge to guide you through. 


Once your parcel reaches its intended country, it will have to be cleared by customs. While some countries such as the United States have an expedited process, most do not. It must first be visually checked to be cleared. In some cases, you might need to have a secondary inspection or even be denied. It is important to be as detailed as possible when filling out your forms. If you are shipping a pair of shorts, don't just write "shorts". Be specific. Instead, write something like "kids shorts, size 7, khaki, 95% cotton, 5% polyester". This will aid in preventing a second glance. 


Another thing you need to factor in when figuring out costs are taxes. The first thing to be aware of is that some countries have different terminology when it comes to taxes. The percentage varies with each country as well. A few of the determining factors for the cost are country of origin, value and any particular trade agreements in effect. The great thing about eShipper is that they can answer those tricky questions that are sure to come up. They really do know it all.

For all of your international shipping needs, contact us today to take the process off your hands. We can store and ship your goods all while handling the fees, rules and hassles for you.

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