7 ways to grow your Digital Strategy as Storefronts Reopen

Imtiaz Kermali
Imtiaz Kermali Jul 20, 2020 • 4 min read
Digital Business

The tide is turning again and the world is slowly adjusting to the new normal. What once were only brick- and-mortar businesses are now small eCommerce companies. With the help from companies like SquareSpace, Wix, Shopify and products and services like Shopify Shippingand Facebook Shop, everyone has gone online. The transition from a brick-and-mortar business to an online store is slow, but it’s happening. And most likely, this transition is here to stay.

With retailers beginning to open stores across Canada, things almost look normal again with the exception of face masks, increased attention to safety, and limiting the number of in-store customers. Does this mean that you should hold back on your digital strategy? Is Shopify shipping no longer important? Here are 7 reasons why you should continue to grow your digital strategy even if your storefront reopens.

1. Business is Open 24/7

Your brick-and-mortar store has several limitations, the biggest being time. You really can’t spend 24/7 in an offline store without incurring huge costs. On the other hand, your eCommerce store never sleeps. A customer can place an order on your website even at 2 am. With all the shipping services that are available to you, a next day delivery might even be possible!

You have twice as much time to attract customers because your business is now open 24/7. Using Shopify shipping, you can fulfill orders from your online store easily.

“According to a report9 out of 10 customers feel that they are more likely to shop at a store that offers them free shipping.”

2. Safety While Shopping

Even with all the precautions that retail stores are taking, many customers are still apprehensive about shopping in store. If you aren’t selling an essential product, customers might still be cautious about coming into your store. This is why a digital business strategy is important.

Having an online store helps your customers shop without coming into the store if they’re not comfortable. This not only guarantees their safety, but also gives them a chance to explore everything you’re offering without having to step out of their house.

With current limitations on trying things on in store, make sure that your online photography and descriptions are crystal clear so your customers feel that shopping online with you isn’t a game of chance.

3. Growth + Scalability

An offline store usually takes years to make - from finding a location, engaging with customers, building a loyal base, and marketing to reach the audience. An eCommerce store, on the other hand, is in business as soon as you take it live.

You could be sitting at your home in Toronto and shipping orders to customers across the country, border, or the world. With the help of a shipping company or a tool like Shopify shipping, you could simply pack the order and ship it to your customer. It’s definitely easier to grow and scale an online store.

4. Free Shipping? Yes!

It might sound like a counterintuitive idea, but free shipping will go a long way in giving a boost to your sales. According to a report9 out of 10 customers feel that they are more likely to shop at a store that offers them free shipping. More and more companies are reducing shipping costs to help you navigate your new eCommerce stores. For a free quotecontact eShipper today.

Take for example, the Amazon Prime subscription. A lot of customers subscribe to the Prime membership because it gives them the option of free shipping at a minimal annual subscription cost. You could also use Shopify shipping and get a reduced cost for labels, connect your website to major shipping companies, and print labels directly from your Shopify admin.

5. Reduced Shipping Times

The last six months saw an increase in shipping times simply because everything had gone online. However, with storefronts opening and eCommerce businesses revamping their business strategy, these times are decreasing. Many people are venturing out and buying directly from the stores, and the hoarding of essential items has decreased as well.

This means that shipping companies are able to provide faster deliveries with reduced load. It is a great time to offer rush delivery to your customers. With the help of Shopify shipping, you can even purchase labels from various shipping companies depending on your fulfillment location.

6. Omnichannel Marketing = Increased Business

Much has changed this year and marketers are continuously evolving with the new normal. There is now a healthy mix of customers - those wanting to physically visit stores and those wanting to shop online. There is another business strategy that has now become completely normal - Online order, store pick-up.

This is the best of both worlds. Customers get an opportunity to explore everything that your eCommerce store has to offer at the leisure of their home plus when they pick-up directly from your brick- and-mortar store, you save on shipping services.

7. Prepare for a Second Wave

While regulations are starting to ease up, experts say that a second wave is just around the corner. That’s why it's important for you to prepare your business against all eventualities.

Whether it’s experimenting with Shopify shipping, considering all shipping services and shipping costs, picking out a shipping company for your logistics, or increasing your online marketing, it’s the right time to put your efforts in your eCommerce store.

If you’re an eCommerce business that’s just starting out, you can get a free quote from eShipperNot only do they integrate with all the major eCommerce shopping carts, they also provide some of the most competitive pricing and are a complete 3PL that help you every step of the way.

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