7 Shopify Apps We’re Buzzing About To Grow Your Online Store

Gagan Kaur
Gagan Kaur Sep 22, 2020 • read
Shopify Shipping Apps

Shopify is the ideal eCommerce platform to put down the roots of your online business. Whether you’re a hopeful startup, a mom and pop store, or a multibillion company, growing your online business in the world’s third-largest eCommerce platform could be a fruitful move.Today, more than one million Shopify stores are selling their goods in fast-growing product categories in over 175 countries. Contributing to the platform’s total global sales of approximately $100 billion .

If you’re planning to follow the footsteps of these Shopify store merchants, there are apps available in the Shopify app store that you can use to start growing your online business.

From over 2,400 Shopify apps out there, here are the seven best Shopify apps we believe you should integrate into your store and we’ll tell you why:

1. AdRoll

Add AdRoll to your Shopify app checklist if you want to grow a devoted customer base who’ll purchase your products again and again. With AdRoll, you can seamlessly run highly-targeted ads that can reach your customers, both old and new, wherever they go on online.

What we’re buzzing about:

  • With AdRoll, you can extend customer reach beyond Google and Facebook. Run ads that reach your customers when they visit other sites and social media platforms and use their mobile devices.
  • Create ads that target customers based on whether they visited a particular product page on your Shopify store, signed up for your newsletter, or abandoned their cart with AdRoll’s audience segmentation capabilities.
  • With AdRoll’s Dynamic Ads, you can produce ads that feature personalized recommendations based on products that a future customer actually viewed on your Shopify store.

What’ll cost you:

Take advantage of their 30-day free trial. You can save $36 a year with AdRoll’s
Essentials package that starts at $9 a month.

2. Drip

Drip boasts of being the first CRM resource that’s exclusively built for eCommerce. They call it eCommerce Customer Relationship Management or ECRM for short. If you’re looking to grow long-term customer loyalty, Drip is your best bet.

What we’re buzzing about:

  • Your Shopify store is already collecting pertinent details about online customers. Drip’s job is to gather all this data and tell you who’s starting to become your fan, who’s already loyal, and who needs a little more nudge.
  • Know exactly what your next marketing step should be. Drip gives you tailored recommendations for your Shopify store. They took out the guesswork so you can spring into action immediately.
  • Say goodbye to confusing spreadsheets. Drip’s clean analytics dashboard shows you the most important metrics that impact your online business.

What’ll cost you:

Try out Drip’s customer-focused features free for 14 days. An account with 500 people costs $19 each month. With this plan, you can send unlimited emails.

3. eShipper

Selling is half the battle when growing your online business. Shipping products to your customers is equally important. eShipper is the Shopify app that can help you win on this front. Developed by a shipping company with 21 years of experience in the logistics and shipping industry, eShipper instantly automates the Shopify shipping process.null

What we’re buzzing about:

  • You can compare discounted shipping rates with major carriers like FedEx, UPS, DHL, Purolator, Aramex, and Canada Post. With eShipper, you can save up to 70% on shipping costs.
  • Orders are automatically imported into your eShipper account when you connect your Shopify store with eShipper.
  • Get 24/7 support with an in-house Customer Care team who’ll make sure that your Shopify shipping process runs as smoothly as possible.

What’ll cost you:

eShipper is a free-for-life platform. No hidden fees or extra costs when you sign up and use the platform.

4. Flexify

Are you growing your online business by targeting 1.73 billion daily Facebook users ? Flexify claims to give you the best Facebook Product Feed for your Shopify store. How? It syncs your store’s products with the Facebook Product Catalog and allows you to create dynamic product ads.

What we’re buzzing about:

  • With Flexify, you always get an up-to-date product feed no matter how many products and variants your Shopify store has.
  • You can automatically put dynamic product ads not just on Facebook but also on major platforms such as Instagram, and Google. These ads also follow your potential customers across all their devices.
  • Flexify promises to give you real customer support. They answer requests within 48 hours.

What’ll cost you:

Flexify has a free-forever plan you shouldn’t pass up.

5. Product Reviews

Do you often read product reviews? You’re not alone. 50% of online customers look at reviews and star ratings before they purchase a product.

Reviews greatly influence your customer’s buying decision. Product Reviews is a necessary addition to your Shopify store. This Shopify app adds a customer review feature to your products allowing customers to engage with you and with each other ultimately growing sales.

What we’re buzzing about:

  • Product Review’s theme-friendly design matches the look and feel of your Shopify store.
  • No need to code when you want to edit layout options, text, and colours.
  • You can also import and export your reviews as a spreadsheet with Product Review’s CSV Import and Export feature.

What’ll cost you:

Product Reviews is a free Shopify app.

6. Bold Subscriptions

If you’re in the subscription business, grow it with Bold Subscriptions. This Shopify app is ranked as the number one subscription box, recurring orders, and payments app. And with good reason, because you can create your own subscription offerings like build-a-box, monthly clubs, and memberships with this app.

What we’re buzzing about:

  • Bold Subscriptions lets you integrate recurring payments with your Shopify store.
  • You can establish subscriptions easily. With Bold Subscription’s out-of-the-box functionality, you can set up and test your first subscription in under 24 hours.
  • Bold Subscription helps keep your customers subscribed by giving them the flexibility to edit, pause, skip, manage, swap, and add products to their upcoming orders.

What’ll cost you:

Bold Subscriptions offer a 60-day free trial. The basic plan starts at $39.99 a month.

7. Shipping Address Validator

A failed delivery is an online seller’s worst nightmare. Not only does it leave your customer upset, but redelivery fees can also cost you thousands. Address Validator is the Shopify app that alerts your customers and suggests corrections when they mistype their shipping address.

What we’re buzzing about:

  • Address Validator saves you a lot of money by preventing inaccurate addresses that lead to returned shipments and redelivery fees.
  • It’s 100% mobile-friendly. Address Validator is fully optimized for mobile, tablet, and desktop devices.
  • Install this Shopify app in minutes without coding and get answers to all your enquiries within 24 hours.

What’ll cost you:

Address Validator offers a risk-free trial with the first 100 orders free of charge.

Afterward, an order costs $0.03.

Whether you’re looking at nurturing sales leads, promoting products, shipping, or delivering products to your online customers, these Shopify apps can help you do it the most cost-effective way. Use these Shopify apps and you’ll be reaping the fruits of your hard-earned labour in no time. Meanwhile, check out what else you could do on Shopify here .

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