7 Fastest Growing Product Categories Every eCommerce seller Must Know

Oct 18, 2020 • read
eCommerce product categories

As an eCommerce business, you can never sit still. With all the changes that are currently happening across the world, the boom in the eCommerce market has been significant. So much so, that Amazon products led to a growth in online sales for the company by 25% - the fastest in at least six quarters.

There is so much that you can sell online, from personal care products to gadgets. Options can get confusing, especially when you are considering what would be the best for your eCommerce business. To make your life simpler, here are 7 fastest growing product categories that are taking the cake for online shopping on Amazon and eBay.

1. Electronics

COVID or not, electronics are here to stay. Whether your customer stays home, goes to the office, or simply just walks around - the Internet of Things (IoF) is hard to escape. We are constantly surrounded by electronics - from our phones, to watches, to speakers, and cables.

With everyone stuck at home, even after working hours, it’s not surprising that the Amazon Fire Stick has become super popular. Online streaming platforms have become extremely prevalent and subscriptions have seen a sharp rise. As an eCommerce business, selling electronics could definitely turn profitable. Use shipping services that can even help you deliver products in the shortest amount of time.

2. Games and Toys

Again, this category does not come as a surprise. Schools have been shut down since the start of Covid- 19 and parents are really struggling to keep their kids entertained. An ever-popular category, this has seen an even greater demand during the last six months. From educational toys and activities, to water toys that are perfect for the summer season, the online shopping trends keep changing.

Understanding the pattern of sales for Amazon and eBay products can help every eCommerce business to find their niche. If you’re just starting out, research YouTube channels and Amazon lists, start a store on Shopify Canadafind a shipping company that handles all your logistics and get going. It’s that simple!

3. Face Masks

In light of the recent events, face masks have become a category of their own. From becoming a necessity, to getting designer status - these humble masks have come a long way. A few brands have focused almost all of their efforts into manufacturing these masks, and getting them mainstream attention.

Some fashion brands are not only supporting the medical community and relief efforts worldwide, but are even donating masks to those who can’t afford them. Widely available for online shopping, masks are one of the fastest growing products today. By using the shipping services of a company like eShipper that has fulfillment centres across Canada and the US, you can even reduce delivery timelines on these.

4. Gym Equipment

Home workouts are widely gaining popularity. Whether it’s simple strength training equipment or more elaborate cardio equipment, people are increasingly looking out for gym equipment online. In fact, gym equipment is also one of the most ordered eBay products.

As an eCommerce business, this could be a great source of increasing business. By keeping in mind, the size of packaging, the weight of the equipment, and using a reliable shipping company, you can even reduce your shipping costs on these.

5. Books

Books as a category are one for the ages. They will never go out of style. From fiction stories for kids and teens, to career building books for adults - there is something for everyone. In fact, one of the best-selling Amazon products is the Kindle e-book reader. Books make for great gifts and are widely loved by almost all.

That’s why a lot of eCommerce companies focus their efforts on selling books. With Shopify shipping, you can easily package your books and even print shipping labels to make the process quicker.

6. Video Games

According to Amazon Jobs, the Amazon Game Studios believes that “gaming will become the largest form of entertainment on Earth”. Most eCommerce businesses are taking advantage of this $100 billion industry that has taken the world by a storm.

From Twitch to Nintendo Switch, the serious gamers are always looking for a new challenge. If you decide to sell video games, the demand of this product is sure to help you gain traction very soon.

7. Home and Garden

The most liked eBay products usually fall under the category of ‘Home and Garden’ products. With summer in full swing, and limitations on outdoor activities and events, a lot of people are keen on investing in good patio furniture.

This is also a great time for gardening tools and products. Whether it’s small pots, heavy tools, or just a pile of fertiliser, many people are coming out of the lockdown with a newly found green thumb. You can even create a niche website on Shopify Canada and use these widely demanded products to increase your sales and revenue.

Get Started

There is no lack of products that you can sell online as an eCommerce business. Picking the right set of products that are not only in high demand but also set you apart from your competitors can make a world of a difference. Setting up a website on Shopify Canada, tying up with a shipping company, and finding the perfect partner for your logistics can be tasking. That’s where eShipper comes to your rescue. With unparalleled shipping services, competitive pricing, and 24/7 support, they will be your partner through it all. Get a free quote today!

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