6 Socially Conscious Businesses Strategies to Grow in 2021

Imtiaz Kermali
Imtiaz Kermali Jul 08, 2021 • 5 min read
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Succeeding as a business comes from helping others succeed. In this simple guide, learn to how eShipper won the Best Logistics Business award by helping others- and how you can too.

This is a list of 6 socially conscious business strategies, techniques and tactics.

In fact, these strategies have helped our business receive the Best Brampton Logistics Business award. This was pretty exciting for us- as you can tell.

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Your business is part of the community and as you grow, so do the businesses surrounding you.

Be a trailblazer by developing a vision for a stronger community and in inspiring others to work toward that vision.

How eShipper helps the local business community

  • In 2020, eShipper focused on business continuity for Brampton-based entrepreneurs by initiating free monthly online events designed to help them thrive and grow amid the pandemic.
  • As the official shipping partner for the ShopHERE program (funded by the federal government and the province of Ontario), eShipper has helped and continues to help new eCommerce businesses with hands-on assistance, access to free tools, and special offers around the shipping & fulfillment aspect of their operations.
  • eShipper invested approximately $250,000 to hire additional warehouse and non-warehouse staff based out of Brampton to promote the upliftment of the City of Brampton and its community.

Leverage traditional and new communication techniques to engage your community and customers innovatively.

The goal here is to facilitate a means for clear and open communication- should anyone have an issue that you are most suitable to address, a system should be in place.

How eShipper helps engage the community

  • A dedicated web page was created to help Brampton businesses get up-to-date information on COVID-19 news and changes.
  • eShipper made good use of its social media channels to promote black-owned, women-owned, and local businesses.
  • Through leveraging AI and chat bots, eShipper ensured that any questions or inquiries could always be addressed.

Collaboration is crucial no matter the goal or objective, be it personal, professional, business, or other.

Working collaboratively to attain a goal demonstrates characteristics such as team spirit, combining talents of traditionally separate units, and/or partnerships with other businesses.

Some of eShipper's collaborations & partnerships include

  • eShipper extends exclusive offers to small businesses in Brampton to grow and expand through its partnership with Google Shopping, Export Development Canada, and Clearco.
  • Collaborated with Brampton-based business Vision Transportation through the Canadian Federation of Independent Businesses (CFIB) to help their customers with eCommerce shipping solutions.
  • Worked with other local businesses such as SwitchGrocery, Gravid, AMZ Prep to offer their businesses exposure and offer opportunities for other businesses to learn from them.

Apart from the business community, your business must stay committed to improving the lives of their employees. You should showcase your care and appreciation; check out the list of appreciation day gifts to make your employees' day and raise their motivation..

Fostering good relationships with your employees from a community standpoint offers them the comfort in knowing you do not only have their backs and their family's backs as well.

How eShipper cares for the well-being of its employees

  • Approximately 50% of eShipper’s employees live in Brampton. Despite the pandemic and lockdowns, eShipper continued with safe operations of the warehouse division, keeping the attrition at 0. eShipper ensured no employees were laid off or even faced reduced hours at work since the pandemic started.
  • Apart from the head office, eShipper owns 2 warehouses located in Brampton wherein there is a strict policy to be followed to hire 80% of warehouse staff living in Brampton.
  • eShipper introduced yoga sessions for employees on International Yoga Day in 2020 and continues the practice ever since.
  • eShipper’s office has invested in a Pool table, Table Tennis, Mini-Golf among other activities such as Star Performer awards to motivate employees and virtual Christmas celebrations (due to COVID-19) to get together and celebrate.

Your business needs to contribute to your community's quality of life. To elevate the social, cultural, and economic fabric of the community.

You must demonstrate that commitment and responsibility aren’t confined to business, and that their impact can be social, cultural, or environmental.

How eShipper contributes to local causes

  • Two months into the lockdown, eShipper started to work closely with the health authorities in different provinces of Canada, including Ontario, to bring in COVID-19 relief equipment.
  • Between March & April of 2020, eShipper imported 30-42 tons of PPE as a part of COVID-19 relief supporting the communities regional police and paramedics.
  • eShipper supported the PEEL region with hand sanitizers and masks worth $250,000.

Help support the youth, newcomers, or new entrepreneurs to thrive in your business community by investing time to mentor, teach, coach, and develop excellence in others.You can have a lifestyle and health coach with a proper health coaching contract.

How eShipper supports the youth, newcomers, and new entrepreneurs

  • eShipper invests in hiring immigrants and newcomers to train and give them their first break in the Canadian job market. The new hires, in most cases, end up renting or buying a property in Brampton to stay closer to work.
  • eShipper is engaged in conducting online workshops for over 200 students associated with the ShopHERE program. These 200 students were trained on basic Shipping and Fulfillment fundamentals, who in turn, would then educate independent and small businesses moving online under the program.
  • eShipper designed a special program for Brampton-based businesses offering additional discounts on shipping costs and free pick-up options during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • eShipper management has conducted workshops for new businesses on Netsuite in Brampton to bring them up to speed with utilizing technology in the daily operations of their business.

To learn more about how eShipper can improve shipping and logistics experiences with a dedicated account rep, request a demo to chat with us.

From updates to our products to helping our customers achieve their happiness, we at eShipper have many reasons to celebrate wins every day. This celebration, however, is extra special!

Best Shipping and Logistics Company in Canada

A big congratulations to all of the #BEA2021 Award Recipients. Be sure to visit **The Brampton Board of Trade's** website for an in-depth view of their businesses.

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