5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Shopify – From an Ex-Guru

Sarah Killins Feb 27, 2020 • 3 min read
Shopify Shipping

Sarah Killins, ex-Shopify Guru, Founder of Kased Communication and Co-Founder of ShopHamont shares her top tips on what most merchants don’t know they can do on Shopify -

1. Pause Your Store 

Did you know there is a Shopify Subscription that is cheaper than the $29USD Basic Plan? It’s called the Dormant plan, and it’s available for $14USD/month. The plan is designed for Store Owners who want to keep their online store live but are taking a break from selling. The Dormant plan disables the checkout but all other features within Shopify are accessible. This is perfect for merchants who sell seasonal items and want to save money in the off-season. 

You can switch to the dormant plan by going to Settings > Plans & Permissions > Pause Store. 

2. Check How Many Products Are Available On Each Sales Channel

For merchants with large inventories, seeing your total number of products available on each sales channel can be an important piece of information, and one that is a little hidden in the Shopify Admin. 

To see the total available products on each sales channel, click the + icon beside ‘Sales Channels’ and then navigate to the bottom left hand corner of the pop-up that appears where it says ‘Manage Sales Channels’ 

From that page you will be able to see the total number of products available on each sales channel that you have in your Shopify Admin. 

3. See Where Customers are Clicking on Each Page

Taking it a step further than Google Analytics, one of my favorite Shopify Apps is Lucky Orange. The App provides heat map tracking to show you exactly where your customers are clicking on your site. See why customers are confused and how you can change your UX to convert at a higher rate.

4. Analyze Your Competition

One of the best things you can do to develop your own store is to analyze your competitors design and their data. You can gain insightful information about your market and use it to make your business better. 

By using a tool like Shopify Inspector (a plugin for Google Chrome) you can easily see data like which apps the store uses, which theme they have, their bestselling & newest products, monthly visitors, their number of products and the products price ranges.

5. Purchase discounted Shipping Labels

If you’re like me, you want to save money wherever you can in business. So, why not save on shipping? Apps like eShipper negotiate with big shipping companies to then offer their negotiated shipping rates to small business owners like you. While you can purchase shipping labels directly through Shopify, Apps like eShipper often have better rates and customized solutions that cater to unique needs.


This is a guest blog by Sarah Killins, founder of Kased Communication and Shop Hamont. Sarah is a current Shopify Partner and past Shopify employee. With global experience in sales and communication combined with an e-commerce skillset, Sarah offers Workshops, Coaching, eCommerce Management and full service website builds to help business owners achieve their goals online.

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