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Sarah Kermalli
Sarah Kermalli Dec 18, 2015 • 3 min read
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Should my business go online? The short answer is absolutely yes. Many businesses, from large corporations to tiny startups have an online profile, and the internet has become a powerful tool to increase revenue, reduce business expense, and to stay ahead of the competition. All entrepreneurs must consider the benefits of going online in order to maintain and grow their businesses.

There has been an explosion in the number of mobile web devices, and they are only getting more ubiquitous. Website independant.co.uk reports that there are over 7 billion mobile devices currently in use worldwide, and their rates are growing. "Gadgets like tablets, smartphones and not-so-smart phones are multiplying five times faster than we are, with our population growing at a rate of about two people per second, or 1.2% annually."

Reasons why it's crucial for your retail business to be online range from the wide reach of online advertisements to streamlining your business so that it is more efficient. Businesses that are online can focus on the people who will most likely become customers while taking advantage of resources, such as online shipping services that will increase business productivity.

It is an undeniable fact that more people are shopping online and receiving their purchases through shipping and courier services. According to statista.com, approximately 41 percent of shoppers worldwide reported to having made at least one online purchase, and the amount of online shoppers varies by country. "As of 2015, China was the country where most internet users had bought a product online within the previous month. Other countries where online shopping is thriving are Germany, India, Brazil and United Kingdom."

A short list of reasons to take your business online includes:

With the massive amounts of mobile web devices currently in use, people have gotten used to searching online for anything they need or want. Regardless of whether they need a large appliance warehouse store, a small tire shop, or a chain of upscale boutiques, customers will search online for available suppliers, and they expect to see your business in their search listings.

An online presence demonstrates that your business is an industry expert. It also convinces the customer that your business is stable and will be there the next time they have a need for your products. This is important for keeping a loyal customer base.

The Internet has allowed businesses to reach customers on a national and international level, in cities and towns thousands of miles away. These people will be beating a virtual path to that business, anticipating the items they have been wanting to purchase through an online selling platform so they can have it delivered to them. A business can also stay in contact with these customers and announce products they will want to buy on their next website visit.

Many industries and sectors are very competitive, with a plethora of suppliers, which equates to heavy competition for dominance. Building and maintaining a great web presence can be the edge an operator needs to keep ahead of the competition and keep a business running permanently.

There are a wide variety of online services that help businesses. Bookkeeping and international shipping services are available online, at all hours, and the operator can reach these services from home or the office, which saves precious time needed to manage the daily operations of the business.

The business that has maintained a successful online presence may find that sales have skyrocketed. While this is wonderful, the workload will greatly increase and there will be a need for international shipping companies that can handle all the merchandise that must be sent to paying customers. The successful entrepreneur must find an online shipping service that is consistent and reliable, with the strong business relationships with major airlines and carriers needed to continuously get all the merchandise where it needs to go.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about how the benefits of taking your business online and how we can handle all your shipping needs.

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