5 Nifty Ideas for Reusable Transport Packaging

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Noor AI Abid Aug 03, 2017 • 4 min read

The push for convenience is unstoppable. Online shopping and ordering are becoming more prevalent and the transportation of packaged goods is growing exponentially. The good news is that public and private companies are becoming more environmentally aware, cutting down on excess waste to reduce environmental damage and financial costs.

If you’re wondering how your organization can use sustainable packaging to become more environmentally responsible, you have no shortage of options. Here are five neat ideas for better and more earth-friendly transport packaging.

Don’t Waste Your Waste: Two-Way Containers and Pallets

Who decided that the recipient of a packaged product was responsible for disposing of the packaging? When was it agreed upon that this consumer would be required to make the decision to keep, recycle, or throw out the excess contents? One way to vastly reduce waste in transportation packaging is to consider using packaging materials that the supplier itself would reuse.

Solid, durable plastic totes, stackable containers, and pallets can be used by suppliers to ship products out. When the recipient has received their items, the item is sent back to the supplier for reuse.

Keep It Simple Folks: Minimize Size

Have you ever encountered a small electronic or household item surrounded by packaging triple or quadruple times its own size? Sadly, this is a common occurrence in the commerce world. Resources can be saved in droves by keeping packaging to just the basics. The amount of plastic, foam, and wire veiling an item should be the bare minimum required to ensure the product is undamaged and protected from the elements. Anything else is overkill.

Go Green: Obtain Recycled Packaging Materials

Recycled boxes and packaging materials composed of post-consumer or post-industrial recycled goods can be utilized. These recycled goods have been turned into everything from high-end outdoor apparel to top quality countertops, so using them in packaging should be easy.

In fact, you can even find companies and websites such as Ecoenclose that sell packaging products comprised entirely of post-consumer and post-industrial waste. These can be customized and branded to your liking, or used as-is. In addition, many of these products are also quickly biodegradable or compostable – bonuses for any environmentally conscious business aficionado.

Consider The Contents

Some traditional forms of packaging, such as packing peanuts, bubble wrap, and cling wrap are being made from compostable, organic elements these days. Before you dismiss a given packaging type for not being eco-friendly enough, consider what it’s made of. You can now find cornstarch or potato starch packing peanuts, resin padded mailers, and resin bubble wrap. There are even cases of packaging materials being created from milk proteins like casein. It’s clear to see that your packaging options are not severely limited just because you’ve decided to go green.


Why not DIY packaging and use some of the non-hazardous waste your own organization creates? Shredded paper documents, leftover packaging from incoming shipments, and paper rolls can all be repurposed for your packaging needs. Taking this approach is a win-win situation. You’ll reduce waste in your company while making a green impact externally as well.

Going eco-friendly with your packaging requires a little creativity and maybe even a little patience.

But doing so can be vastly rewarding. Consumers are increasingly favouring organizations with a sustainable focus and an environmentally conscious approach to doing business. By embracing reusable packaging, you’ll be benefiting the planet, your company, and those you do business with as well.

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